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Self Inflicted Wounds.

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    Self Inflicted Wounds.

    First let me get the record straight I'm so grateful to have BB as our coach.

    But I do have some questions about his decision making in the past few years. Everybody makes mistakes but some of the decisions he intentionally made have cost the team.

    Richard Seymore Trade - Had Weak Defensive Line and trades argubaly our best player (and one of the few left from the original patriots team that won the superbowls). We get run over by Ravens in the playoffs and 2009 was declared a year of bad team chemistry.

    2010 - Failed to realize that having TBC as our premier pass rusher ain't goona cut it, failed to see that we really don't have the personell to have a strong 3-4 defense.

    2011 -  Doesn't like BM, doesn't play like we want him to, okay I get it. But lets james sanders walk out for free, now the secondary is in shambles.

    Lets not get started why he doesn't draft defennsive (front 7, pass rushing) players in the draft, I know draft is really a crapshoot and we just have had bad luck in the past few years, but atleast try that's where Steelers and NYG get their players.

    Again no one is perfect, but I think TB makes BB look a little better than he is.
    I think he has too much on his plate, and should surround himself with good coaches and personel guys, I think that's how it was when we were winning the superbowls.
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    Re: Self Inflicted Wounds.

    I can live with draft picks not panning out, but I do question why he puts stock into players like TBC and ROb Ninkovich...Ross Friggn Ventrone coming back 2 years after we had his brother for 2 years...smh

    something I do question but its not really those things that bother me, because I have seen some behind the scenes footage and John Kraft looks like he shells out the money to free agents and decides who gets cut.  I know Bill has some say but in that meeting about Seymour, Bill was silent.  So maybe he wanted to keep Sanders and a guy like John didnt realize the value and said Sanders is a backup about to make 2.25 mill and sent him packing.

    What i really do blame Bill for is this new passing attack thats devoid of any common sense and fundamentals anymore.  We go for it on 4th down too much and even when its the right time to go for it, Call a timeout!! Stop rishing players on the field last minute at such a crucial time. Call a timeout, get the play right.  In Indy in 2009, everyone was coming to the sideline and Bill at the last minute was like "GO" and all they went back , rushed the play and the results were Faulk running a 2 yard route on 4th and 2!??!?!

    Brady should have took the delay of game.  The look couldnt have been good

    C'mon Mannnnnn!!!!
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    Re: Self Inflicted Wounds.

    He is part of the decision making process, can't just place the blame on the owner and give him the credit all the time. If he knew what not having Richard Seymore trade would do for that season, or any other moves he should have done something about it.

    BB is the man, I think they (managment & coaching staff) need more quality help. I just hope they realize this before TB retires.