Senior Bowl Observations

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    Senior Bowl Observations

    Players that have been mentioned on this forum as possible players the pats may target in the first round.

    Brandon Graham- He was unblockable. he had 2 sacks a forced fumble two tackles for loss, and an undeniable motor, he ended being the MVP of the game. I have been extremely high on him for a while now, and i felt like the patriots should draft him in the second round, but i think  they might have to pull the trigger on him with the 22nd pick, after his performance today, i dont see how he gets out of the first round.

    Jared Odrick- odrick played his tail off. He is a versatile defensive linemen, he can stop the run well and also apply a nice inside pass rush. (doing so in the 4th quarter and forcing a tim tebow fumble)

    Kyle Wilson- He had a pretty quiet day, i think Patrick Robinson outplayed him and the rest of the corners today.

    Thoughts? anybody else have any observations from the game?

    (BTW I really liked what i saw from Witherspoon the linebacker. I think he would be a good value in the second round. he was a vocal leader for the North team and i think hes the physical presense that we need next to mayo, while guyton can be the nickel linebacker. BB thrives when he has good linebacker depth. Bruschi, Phipher and Ted johnson were a great 3 inside linebacker rotation. we need to build towards that, i think witherspoon will be a good start)

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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    I watched the Senior Bowl and the best players on the field were Graham,Lefevour,Gilyard and Weatherspoon. Honorable mentions go to Zac Robinson,Ordrick,and though he was quiet Wilson. Watch for Arenas as a KR.If he had another gear he would have changed the game. The WR from the Citadel Johnson I think his name was. Patick Robinson did have a good game. Tebow was a little off,Dickerson needs too play inside though he is in a transition period as he's just learning how to play WR after playing TE.
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    I agree with you on those guys you mentioned. 

    I did not see the game but it absolutely does not surprise me as those guys were generally the talk of the practices too.
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    I also have no life and watched the game(LOL), and as many games as I can. Ive been thinking about Odrick, Weatherspoon, and Graham for a while now. I like all, but dont think I would spend a first on them. I think because of all the bust at OLB the past couple years team will back off, as much as I hate saying it trading down into early second 33-35 would be great for this year. Last year killed me, we could have locked up two positions of major need but past for Brace, Butler and Chung. Instead we could have had Matthews and/or Maualuga/Laurinaitis. Two spots were still looking to fill today. I think Odrick will be around late/late first and early second. IMHO we really need to move n shake this year to fill as many key position as possible. OLB's I like are Weatherspoon, Graham, Bowman, I think we can get one early second, maybe target Spikes at 22 and one of them early second. Weatherspoon is someone who really intrigues me, I think he can be a 3 down backer this year. He can play the run/pass, get after the QB, and IMHO is versatile enough to play ILB if needed. If we play our cards right we can end up with Spikes, Weatherspoon/Graham/Bowman, and Odrick, its not that far-fetched. I would really consider moving our first two seconds to try and get around 33-37, theres a decent chance Spikes will fall. This years second round might be the best second round in a long time. All guys mentioned above played well and increased their value.

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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    One guy that needs some consideration is Gilyard, this guy screams football player. Thats what I see watching him, not the fastest, biggest, or strongest, but I have no doubt this guy will be making plays in the NFL. I think hes going to be a very good 2/3 receiver,  a solid tweener. Someone who can play the slot and go outside the numbers, give you a couple returns if you need and even come out of the backfield, maybe in the form of a reverse? You can tell just from watching him play he has something to prove everytime he steps on the field. He'll be there at mid-late second round and is "mosdef" worth consideration. Both him and Tate remind me a lil' bit of D-Jackson, someone who I thought would make a huge impact coming out of college. Drafting receivers is very risky, this years class has no real standouts besides Bryant. It kinda reminds me of the OLB class, somewhat deep, but nobody seperating themselves in a big way. I have most of the first round going DT/DEND/OT/ , so I think there will be at least 3-4 of the top 5-6 guys available around 40-55. Maybe not Tate, but Gilyard, Benn, Lafell, Decker etc.
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    Good stuff, did you by chance see how Rolle played?  I didn't get a chance to watch the game and he's a guy that intrigues me.

    IMO, if both Odrick and Graham are available at 22, Odrick will be the guy as he possesses the more ideal blend of BB's required size and skill set.  BB loves big, tall, nasty, versatile and skilled DE's (see Seymour/Warren).  As for Graham, he sure appears to be making a case for BB to drop his height premium (6-4 6-5) for potential 3-4 OLB's.  Did anyone see if Graham was asked to drop into coverage?  If so, how did he look operating in space?

    I like Weatherspoon, particularly his intangibles and leadership and ability to fly around the field and make plays, I just don't think he has the "sand in his pants" size to set the edge vs. the run in the 3-4 after measuring in at 6007-241 at the SB.  He appears, IMO, to be more of a 4-3 OLB where he can use his size, speed, athleticism and coverage skills to work his area of the field, make plays in space and chase plays down. 

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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    I agree that Weatherspoon is a potential fit as a 3-4 ILB, making a switch similar to Tyrone McKenzie last year. 

    Good call, I forgot about the rule limitations in those all-star games.

    True dat on the combine. 
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    We need a thumper next to Mayo inside. Mayo doesn't work as well as a thumper.

    Mayo, McKenzie, and Guyton all work best as the WILL, but none are suitable for the SIL thumper role.

    Drafting Weatherspoon to duplicate Mayo doesn't make sense. Spikes makes way more sense, unless we're changing to a 4-3.

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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    Agree on Spikes as I currently project him at pick 22 with Odrick and Iupati as the other options.  Some folks see him falling into rd 2, but I don't see it.  He has the ideal size, skill set, instincts and intensity to make a big difference in this defense and a 3 down backer.
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    And can we now, finally, dispense of the Tim Tebow as an NFL QB discussion?
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    I don't understand the drop in stock of Spikes either.  I didn't care much because in my thinking we'll go after Odrick.  That top 20 is pretty packed so I don't think he'll be able to crack it leaving him right at about 22.  Unless something drastic happens he's my pick.

    What are you guys thoughts on who drops to us in the 2nd round?  What is it?, about 44, 47 and 53?

    What are your thoughts on taking on Cody?  He seems to be in that area of these three picks.  I've gotten wishy washy with him now that he's dropped some.  I'm surprised to see him as 2nd round material still.  I guess he rebounded some in the senior bowl.

    I would like a RB.  Mathews out of Fresno St?  Dixon of MissSt?
    At 47, Hughes if he's there.  He seems to have tumbled a bit.  Might have to use #44 to get him.  It looks like he's in the area.
    At 53?  Vladimir Ducasse?  The guy would be a project of a sort but I wonder if the Pats have time for a "project".
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    If they last that long and the Pats do not like 1st round picks for which they pay big $$$ for unproven NFL talent.
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    Muzwell its good TV, I don't think the debate will stop.  What will probably heat up is how much Jacksonville will reach for him.  They need him more than anyother position, if they don't sell tickets they will move from Jacksonville.

    I can see them taking him in the 2nd round and immediately after the pick their marketing department will change all Jaguar adds to have Tebows face on it. 

    This is the best scenario for TT, if not he's dropping to the 4th round if he's lucky.  There are some QBs in this draft that are more polished that him and are projected as 4 rndrs.  This one is not ending anytime soon, IMO it will only heat up through the combine and going into the draft.

    Give the kid credit, most accomplished college player in history so he's bound to get some media coverage the problem is he will get too much.
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    Where does Gilyard project?  Explosive player, would solve some return game issues.
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    Re: Senior Bowl Observations

    I'd say Gilyard projects as a late second-early third rounder.  He's a bit undersized (5-11 179 at the SB) and may have problems creating seperation at the LOS vs. press/man coverage, so he's probably better suited in the slot.