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Sensabaugh may be sensible....

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    Sensabaugh may be sensible....

    As many of you have predicted...there will be many CAP cuts. We should be able to kick the tires on quite a few players this year.

    This guy was Dallas's starting Safety. Spears may need to go as well.....

    Nice to have CAP space.


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    Re: Sensabaugh may be sensible....

    Might be worth a look

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    Re: Sensabaugh may be sensible....

    In response to RidingWithTheKing's comment:

    Wait, what?  We have been told here for years, most notably by RKarp and Mt Hurl that the cap doesn't matter and that everything is "fluid", pay anyone anything regardless of the market, toss away draft picks and leverage, etc.

    How can this be?  Teams like Dallas, the Jets, the two worst in the cap position discussion are currently letting many starters go or having key starters restructure in one last gasp desperate move in 2013.

    I heard that losing continuity on your team every 2 years is a great thing.  RKarp and Mt Hurl have lectured the board about this, folks.  They're very intelligent.


    In all seriousness, I like Sensabaugh, but he's not the Ed Reed kind of impact guy. Definitely an option, IMO, though.


    First of all, if you 'like" any player, it's best we stay away from him because you don't actually watch just google salary cap management articles.  And second, is Sensabaugh the guy that gets released because of this "salary cap hell" nonsense you've been talking about for four years? Wow! An average safety got cut from a team that has a cowboy for an owner - that wanted so badly to win that he went way way overboard in spending despite the fact that he has a choke artist as a QB...and he is going to lose a average safety? The horror! Did they lose Anthony Spencer? Are they cutting Demarcus Ware? Call me when their years of lavish spending causes tham to lose players that are of impact...guys that we are just going to swoop in and sign.

    I'm still waiting for mean, scary, salary cap hell to ruin all these teams. Put Tom Brady on the Cowboy's roster with Belichick over the last three years and the Cowboys have just won the last three Super Bowls. No doubt.

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    Re: Sensabaugh may be sensible....

    He stinks. Believe me I have been watching for years .