Shank- Setting it up

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    Shank- Setting it up

    I'm sure his last couple of articles are setting things up for .."I told you so." Before the playoffs started he put out that article stating that in essence he believed the Pats weren't that good and doing it with smoke and mirrors. His latest article has them pitted against the Giants in the SB. If for some reason they were to lose he is in a position to say "I told you so" and if they make the SB game..."I told you that too". He make a living riding the fence.
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    Re: Shank- Setting it up

    Limited football knowledge compared to Reiss is the hallmark of Bridgit O'Shaunhassey's football columns. He is not fan, nor is his knowledge of the game that arcane. Smoke and Mirrors'; I'm sorry is that formation like the spread or two TE set or a 4-2-5 defense.  You want 2000 word essay on what your bet at Foxwoods will be no as of Jan. 25, than be my guest. Again the media gets what amounts to pre-recorded message of Belichick praising an opponent verbatim and then they draw there own conclusions. Owned by the Times, mentally, physically and economically. I hope their is no agenda.  Do analysis, not rhetoric and conjecture...followed by op=ed.

    I see a tight game both the with Ravens and the Giants (if necessary).  FYI last time I took my pre-SB vacation to the tropics the Pats went to the SB. Not relevant. This will be a tough game. Plenty of bruises on both sides.

    Like to see Brady face the 49ers (childhood favourites) and win SB 4.