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Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

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    Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

    Yes, making a play is Wilhite simply extending his arms up to defend the pass.  He was running with his arms at his sides and obvioulsy had no clue where the ball was. 
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    Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

    In Response to Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite:
    Ok, I know B.B. said last week he acitvated T,Whaeatley over Springs due to him playing KO returner on special teams,....but this week Edleman returned kicks and Springs was inactive again...Unless his knee is still knicked up...shouldnt he be on the field...I mean Wilhite is ok...but being around the ball all the time just makes it worse if you never make a play...I recall Springs playing well when he was in this year, and I know he has ball skills...Wilhite does not turn and look for the ball and get beat even though he's there if you dont stop the ball from being aint Ish....Now it hasnt cost us that much other than Waynes TD, but my thing is get Springs in there..he is a vet..and cant be that much slower than wilhite...and I just dont see what the raves are about...he is good, but nothing more, and I would like to think a vet like Springs can offer something more than that...Bodden is gonna cash in and be gone,,,so after Butler., year we will have wheatley and Wilhite...Butler is a future start but not seeing the same for the other 2..they should draft another CB 2nd or 3rd rd next year to come in and compete with what we have....The exp. is good for Wilhite..but sooner or later you gotta start makin plays!
    Posted by patsfan76

    You can't be serious.  Springs is the primary reason teams moved up and down the field the first 5 games.  He has NO ball skills.  That's why he was BENCHED.  His footwork is severely lacking and reaction time is ridiculous.  Five years ago, he was a serviceable DB, not now by a long shot.  Perhaps we can convert him to Safety.  He was so bad, opposing teams and announcers began referring to him as Shawn "1st Down" Springs...
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    Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

    In Response to Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite:
    I dont know what you been watchin cuz Springs has barely been on the field the last 5 games...he has only played limited snaps this season..but when he did he was right there on his reciever, and yes he still has ball skills...go look up his career INT's and compare them to Wilhites...I am just saying how many TD's has Springs given up???  He cant do much worse than Wilhite..and his exp would help him when going against guys like maybe Wilhite is faster at this stage, but between 5 -15 yards Springs can still cover, and I dont know what you mean by servicable...I guess making the pro bowl means you are servicable..Reaction time...???  WHy dont you back up your statement with facts.,..cuz I'm not your run of the mill homer...I actually love football and watch every team w/ my sunday do you homework on Springs instead of making up ISh to support your argument.... And you have the nerve to post a quote talking about tellin the truth...LMAO!
    Posted by patsfan76

    Wow, no one attack you, so where you come off is absurd.  Obviously you have some vision or reading problems, because I CLEARLY STATED THE FIRST 5 GAMES.  Is that better for you?  R.I.F. "reading is fundamental" to all you may want to accomplish in life.  Try it, it works.  What Shawn Springs did many moons ago is totally irrelevant to his current capabilities (this means that is doesn't make any difference regarding what his abilities and physical condition enable him  to do on the field today).  My apologies, that was for the "comprehensively" challenged.   I won't deny that Springs wasn't formerly upper tier DB, but those days are long gone.  Springs has given up the most first downs of any NE DB this year.  "If you by into the "IN BILL WE TRUST" motto, then your argument isn't with me, it's with BILL".  SURELY YOU DON'T QUESTION HIS DEFENSIVE PROWESS!!!  BTW, I don't make up anything, nor am I myopic.  The truth really does set you free... ALSO, I'm happy for you and your DirecTV...
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    Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

    In Response to Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite:
    Well..I'm sorry we will have to agree to disagree...I wasnt attacking you...but Its not fair to make up ish when the guy is not here to defend himself...You said Springs was once a servicable CB??  Randall Gay is a servicable CB...not even close...Once again you make a crazy statement like "Springs has given up the most 1st downs this year"...Really?? when he doesnt even play much...back up your talk with facts and show me the # of 1st downs given up from a legit source...  I'll give you to 5 p.m......
    Posted by patsfan76

    Shawn Springs portfolio is on video for everyone to assess.  Apparently his coaching staff has done so.  Early is the season (when he was playing), he was glossed "1st Down" by TV commentators.  I didn't do it, it was done by those in the know, some of his former peers.  Where did you see me state ANYTHING ABOUT RANDALL GAY?  Just to appease you, I'll search for such a stat for DB's.  But I have an extensive backround in the game and my own eyes tell me everything I need to know about this issue.  I too, have seen every play this year...
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    Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

    In Response to Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite:
    I dont know buddy...I used R.Gay as an example of a servicable CB..which is what you called Springs...Servicable to me means yeah you can throw him in there but he is not ideally who you want...Springs is a perrinnial pro-bowler..and although he hasnt done much here doesnt mean you can throw away his career accomplishments and call him servicable......I also have never heard any commentator call Springs "1st down" or whatever you are tryna say...Please find one other person on this board who has heard these commentators call out Springs as 1st down..I will pay you 10.00  real talk.....Well I cant see through your eyes and you cant see through mines soooooooo link 5 if you can...
    Posted by patsfan76

    The following is the definition of perrinial:

    Main Entry: pe·ren·ni·al
    Pronunciation: \pə-ˈre-nē-əl\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Latin perennis, from per- throughout + annus year — more at per-, annual
    Date: 1644

    1 : present at all seasons of the year
    2 : persisting for several years usually with new herbaceous growth from a perennating part <perennial asters>
    3 a : persistent, enduring <perennial favorites> b : continuing without interruption : constant, perpetual <the perennial quest for certainty> <a perennial student> c : regularly repeated or renewed : recurrent <death is a perennial literary theme>

    synonyms see continual

    perennial noun

    pe·ren·ni·al·ly \-nē-ə-lē\ adverb

    As you can see, this does not invoke visions of Mr. Springs. Since I'm 4 hours behind you on the eastern seaboard, I doubt I'll get to you before you leave.  But I really don't need to.  The COACH has spoken for me in his decision to BENCH the "perrinial" pro bowler. 

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    Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

    His entire bio equals 1 Pro Bowl selection in 1999.

    Shawn Springs

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Shawn Springs

    Springs during his tenure with the Redskins.
    No. 29     New England Patriots
    Personal information
    Date of birth: March 11, 1975 (1975-03-11) (age 34)
    Place of birth: Williamsburg, Virginia
    Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)Weight: 204 lb (93 kg)
    Career information
    College: Ohio State
    NFL Draft: 1997 / Round: 1 / Pick: 3
    Debuted in 1997 for the Seattle Seahawks
    Career history
     As player:
    Roster status: Active
    Career highlights and awards
    • 2× First-team All-Big Ten (1995–1996)
    • Big Ten Defensive P.O.Y. (1996)
    • Pro Bowl selection (1998)
    Career NFL statistics as of 2009
    Tackles    703
    Sacks    8.5
    INTs    32
    Stats at

    Shawn Springs (born March 11, 1975 in Williamsburg, Virginia) is an American football cornerback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks third overall in the 1997 NFL Draft. He played college football at Ohio State.

    A Pro Bowl selection in 1998, Springs has also played for the Washington Redskins. He is the son of former NFL running back Ron Springs.



    [edit] Early years

    Springs was raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Prior to attending Springbrook High School, Springs was a standout athlete at Orange High School in Orange, Ohio. He was an all-state selection in football at Springbrook High School in Silver Spring where he played running back and cornerback.

    [edit] College career

    When he graduated from high school, Springs decided to play college football at Ohio State. He started all 37 games after being redshirted his freshman year. Springs earned All-Big Ten honors as a sophomore and junior, as well as an All-Academic selection. He was named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year in 1996.

    [edit] Professional career

    [edit] Seattle Seahawks

    Springs was drafted third overall by the Seattle Seahawks in the 1997 NFL Draft. He started 10 games in his rookie season, recording one interception. Springs was selected to the 1999 Pro Bowl in his second season in the NFL, after starting all sixteen games, and recorded 76 tackles, seven interceptions, and two defensive touchdowns. He started every game of his next two seasons in Seattle, recording five interceptions in 1999 and two in 2000.

    The 2001 season would be a shortened one for Springs; he would miss three games with a hamstring injury and was suspended four games for violating the NFL's steroid policy.[1] In 2002, he returned to start 15 games and record three interceptions on the season. In 2003, his final season with Seahawks, Springs played in 12 games, starting eight, finishing the year with 39 tackles and an interception.

    [edit] Washington Redskins

    Springs was signed as a free agent on March 4, 2004 by the Washington Redskins. In his first season in Washington, he led the team in interceptions with five, and sacks with six, and was the first cornerback to lead his team in sacks and interceptions in NFL history. In the 2005 season, Springs played much of the season with a leg injury; he finished the year with one interception and recorded 50 tackles in 15 starts. The 2006 season saw Springs on the bench for most of the year, battling nagging injuries while the Redskins compiled a 5-11 season. He was eventually placed on injured reserve on December 26 with a fractured scapula. Springs ended the 2007 season with 62 tackles and four interceptions, the latter in the last four regular-season games, as he helped the Redskins make the playoffs.

    Springs was released by the Redskins on February 27, 2009.

    [edit] New England Patriots

    Springs signed a three-year contract with the New England Patriots on March 11, 2009.

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    Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

    In Response to Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite:
    Thanks for the research...Touche......But I was really asking for the stats showing Springs giving up the most 1st downs on the team, but I realize that one may be had to find considering its not dont look too long ok....Seriously though...I am not arguing why someone is playing, or who is better...but this started with you throwing out made up stuff....I admit I thought he went to more pro bowls...but thats because of his injury problems..but compare his second year to Wilhites..and its not close...and thats what the argument you lost that one..than you went on another post saying Bodden has no ball skills and Wilhite has excellent ball I will have to end on that note..cuz that was too have no stats or anything that has happend this year to support that...yet you are yelling it in caps to the high heavens like its gospel...thats just your misconstrued opinion....and the fact you keep saying the Coach did his evaluation...than why is Springs still on the team????  obviously if he was no good he'd be released like Galloway right...Its because he is hurt with a bad knee, and BIll is holding out hope he will be healthy come playoff team and he can be used...but to hear you tell it he is a bum.....I am not knocking Wilhite...but let him get some years under his belt before you say he has excellent ball skills and is better than Bodden...
    Posted by patsfan76

    Multi-year contract.  He still is "serviceable" in a COVER 2 scheme.  I don't need years, his presence on the field during "crunchtime" speaks volumes.  Again, until you learn what the term "ball skills" entails, it's best to keep it in the closet.  Here's an idea, when you tire of looking "not so bright", change your screen name and return anew.  Just have your information partially correct before 1 finger hits that keyboard...
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    Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite

    In Response to Re: Shawn Springs VS John Wilhite:
    Seriously though...We play Monday night next its the best time for Sunday Ticket....Are you should come by we can watch the games together...unless you are unruly....I got plenty of beers....We can have a ball, and I can show YOU what football is bout'll be fun,,,kinda like school...You did go to school right..NA...let me stop messing wit you seem like a cool dude..just got a strange outlook on football,,,are you from Europe?...Seriously though (I know thats aggrivating)  Why dont we just make a Poll....The who, what, where , and why of Ball skills...WHo has it, Who doesnt, and what does it all mean....Even a fairweather football fan knows what ball skills are why havent you given me the correct explanation....times a tickin......
    Posted by patsfan76

    Had to check out for a few, LIFE was callin...  I'm not local.  As stated in a previous post, I'm 4 hrs behind you.  I currently reside in ALASKA.  Only the ex govenor thinks it's part of EUROPE lol.  Yes, it is totally plausible for a person to have ball skills and 0 interceptions.