.. AND THAT FOLKS IS Y HE'S NO TB AND Y IF HE PLAYED FOR THE PATS THE titles WOULDNT B AUTOMATICALLY the same. u think the playas dont know whats going on? fact its being discussed to this magnitude, says a lot. think anyone would even consider our tb doing such a thing when he bypasses everything.. PM says yes to licking oreos while staring at his bro creepily in the eyes. after the 40th take, it didnt occur to him this was a bad idea (unlike football on your fone)?

keith olberman did some research and found out that PM is in fact a co-owner in a 2 anheuser bush operations.. thats y coors light was out.. jeez! very shady! nfl better put an end to this or other guys will soon get in on the action.. imagine hearing "uggs" uggs.. every other snap!