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Its been proven that the pats also have not reported injuries, yet they have received no penalties.  On the other hand, while many here have indicated that the jets also filmed illegally, I don't know that I have read this anywhere other than this forum.   Now maybe you all can prove me wrong, but until that time, as I see it, the league has actually been biased IN FAVOR of the pats and not the other way around. Some of you might say when pigs fly, or when ESPN opens an office in boston (oh wait-never mind).
Posted by underdogg
You must be living in a dream world. No other team was punished a first round pick for rules violation and apparently no one other than the Pats ever will.Nor did Goodell ever investigate any potential rules violation by any other team or individual like the person who leaked the Pats tape.
Aside from his formewr employer the Jets, the Colts haver received special handling due to Dungy and Polian being on the competition committe and their quarterback who had to pay hush money to the victim of a sexual harassment suit is one of the idles of the NFL. Just worry about keeping the lights on in LUcas because some other city like LA might steal the team like you did from Baltimore.