Should the Pats Trade Up?

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    Re: Should the Pats Trade Up?

    No he isn't, Mike. The real deal would be Jermaine Gresham next year in the draft. Shawn Nelson is nice, but nobody would mistake him for a first round quality TE. He's a project like the rest of them. Giving up a second round pick for him is a strategic mistake. The drop off between him and the third round TEs is minimal while the drop off at OLB, DL, DB, and WR is all much greater. You can get relatively the same caliber player (just a small drop off) in the third round as you can in the second round at TE as well as perhaps a couple of other positions (S and G/C).

    For terminology's sake, DB refer's defensive backs who are not super small like Alphonso Smith and DJ Moore or to pure safeties like William Moore or Patrick Chung. They refer to players like Malcolm Jenkins, Darrius Butler, Sean Smith, and Vontae Davis.
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    Re: Should the Pats Trade Up?

    Strategically the Pats have put themselves in a perfect drafting position.  HIgh second round picks are useful for drafting talented projects, as they give the team one extra year of indentured player servitude.  Also, second rounders work cheap.

    As a bonus, the Patriot picks are scattered 10 or more picks apart.  This gives the Patriots about five different spread-out chances to make a profitable trade-out, not counting their #98 pick which can't be traded.  The fish are biting at different depths.  Also, a limited number of true bargain players are rarely bargains at the same exact pick level that the Patriots possess, but this year many levels are covered.

    I expect minor tradeups.  Other teams play a game of "guess what the teams ahead of you will pick out of need".  The way to beat this game is to suddenly trade up a few slots and grab a prize.

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    Re: Should the Pats Trade Up?

    The pats can get Ingram from Florida in the third. He will be a good Tight end. Move up for Petigrew. Are you kidding he will be there after 23. The Pats are not moving up in this draft in the first round. It makes no sense, Darius Butler, or hopefully Jenkins Falls. Pats are going corner early, look at the price of these Free agent corners this year. Larry English or Connor Barwin at #34 Hakeem nicks might be there at #47 if not move up a few picks in the second round. If not stay put and take Meredith. Either way Pats will come out of this Draft Loaded. 19-0 Unfinished Business
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    Re: Should the Pats Trade Up?

    After reading this particular thread it seems that a lot of folks think that TE is a position of need,I don't see them drafting one very early 3rd or 4th rd maybe.They have 5 TE's now with Devree,Listorti,Chris Baker,Watson and Thomas so while I could see them using a pick to grab one of the available on the second day.
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    Re: Should the Pats Trade Up?

    well said 44-- someone said it earlier about sending the 23rd along with maybe  a late second rd to move up to houston or new orleans' 14 or 15 spot in the first round. if jenkins or andre smith are available that would be a great start to the draft. otherwise, staying at 23 there will be a lot of talent at that spot.

    i think the key is to get a really nice player with our first pick. particularly at a position currently weak -- ie, CB/S or OT.  whatever happens with the later picks is all gravy if Belichick steals the next Ty Law or a franchise tackle who can manhandle guys like Merriman and Freeney and whatever stiffs on the jets d-line.

    the 34 pick i think they'll keep and, depending what happens with the 23rd, go for a DL or LB if they like what's there.

    my top targets for the first two picks are Andre Smith, Malcolm Jenkins, Larry English, Rey Maualuga, Ziggy Hood, Jarron Gilbert, Alphonso Smith, Hakeem Nicks and possibly Barwin/Matthews/Lauranitis.
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    Re: Should the Pats Trade Up?

    The chances of the pats trading up are slim, but you never know, the draft is a very fluid situation. I'd say 20%. Trading down more likely, say 30%. I say stay where they are and take Butler. Trade one of our seconds for a first next year.

    Almost here!
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    Re: Should the Pats Trade Up?

    The tallent in this draft that is top tear on D are gone by pick 10 to 12, you are talking about moving up 11 to 13 spots to pay a guy a ton of money.  I don't think anyone there even Curry is worth giving up draft picks or money.

    I tend to believe they will trade away 23 and get all they need in the second round.

    #23 (traded, for 2009 2nd, 2009 6th, 2010 1st from Cowboys for #23 2009 and 3rd 2010)
    #34 Michael Johnson DE/OLB 
    #47 William Beatty OT 
    #51 (from Dallas) Jarron Gilbert DE
    #58 Patrick Chung S
    #89 Cody Brown DE/OLB
    #97c Jasper Brinkley ILB
    Was going to stop at 3 rounds, what the hell
    #124 Bruce Johnson CB
    #170c Johnny Knox WR
    #197 (from Dallas) Marlon Lucky RB
    #199 Patrick Turner WR
    #207c Alex Boone OT
    #234 John Phillips TE
    I don't think we bring all these guys in, if they pick at that spot is the player who I think they'll pick at that spot
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    Re: Should the Pats Trade Up?

    i haven't seen the ball skills with D Butler. He's a nice athlete, and seems like a solid citizen - but does he have the toughness and strength to fight off blocks against NFL wideouts and the anticipation to create turnovers? I don't like the Uconn RB either. since you asked.