Should we discuss healthcare?

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    Re: Should we discuss healthcare?

    Of course not, underdog - who do you think subsidizes the sale of pharma products around the world where there are direct and indirect price controls (as one example): the US market.
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    Re: Should we discuss healthcare?

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    The President of the United States can't even communicate specifics of the plan.  I don't see the point in getting in a fight about this. When they explain how they're actually going to reduce cost AND provide more coverage I'll get involved.  Until then don't drop your plan.
    Posted by SonnyCorlione

    Sonny you may not even have a chance to decide.

    The President may not be willing to read the bills nor speak about them, but the last Healthcare bill HR3200 is still online and there are reports that about 80% of it is the same...

    Such great things as the gov't determining healthcare needs on a COST vs Productivity of the patient basis.

    If you do not have a private insurer BEFORE the bill goes into effect- YOU can NEVER get one.... Yep it was in the last bill.

    How about this one- IF the gov't decides that your health isurer isn't doing things exactly the way they want it- then they fine the first time, and put them out of business the second....
    Where does that put those who are now left without insurance- Right into the "PUBLIC OPTION".

    Find a Military Retiree.... that does not live anywhere near a military base, and ask him how he likes TRICARE.  GO FOR IT.... That is the model of a "Public Option" where no Dr. is required to accept the public option (Which is what they propose).  My wife drives 40+ miles one way just to see the closest Dr. in the area who accept TRICARE.... If someone had not passed away the week before we moved here, they would not have accepted her (Their words).  I still have no Dr. though I did 22+ years for the military before retiring.   The same Dr will not take me, as I exceed their desired number of GOV't paid persons. HMMMM?

    I can tell you horror stories about that trash for a plan... My wife had a minor heart attack on 1/2/07... we lived less than a block away from the nearest hospital.   I showed our TRICARE (Gov't option) card and they made her ready to travel and Med-evac'd her 60 miles away to a "Charitable" Hospital.  Apparently the military retirees and their families of this country do not deserve the same care as the ILLEGAL ALIENS who break into the country.

    Look into every part of any bill you can find for this healthcare stuff...

    NOW they want to ADD a tax to the cost of the people who have GOLD PLATED medical insurance.  WAIT- isn't that what COngress says it has?  Will they pay the tax?.... HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH-  Heck no they are EXEMPT from this law they are creating.  They do not have to change to the "PUBLIC OPTION" which they claim to be good for us... and they will not be held to any taxes for other's insurance which is comparable to theirs.

    When a people fear their Gov't that is TYRANNY....
    When the gov't fears it's people- That is freedom......

    They have no fear of the sheep that they lead...

    DEMAND that they read the bill before the votes.... DEMAND that they allow us to read the bill before it's passage- and throw every son of a gun out of office who voted for the stimulus bill as it was a corrupt piece of trash that NO ONE read....

    They are at $115,000,000 that they have proven was wasted from that bill thus far... and they claim that only about 4bil has been spent..... at that rate there will be about $5bil of FRAUD WASTE AND ABUSE included in the law.....  STOP THEM NOW!
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    Re: Should we discuss healthcare?

    And the left wingers keep talking about how George W was "deceiving" and "lying" to the people! The real gem is the exemption for the people who are trying to push this load of garbage on us! They should live by the same rules as we all do. WWSF, I can sympathize with you on your wife's ordeal. For a long time now the government (and the democrats especially) seem to give an unfair advantage to those who cross the border illegally. Not only free healthcare, but preferrential treatment on employment, government loans (many at no interest), and public assistance. While we have poor veterans living on the streets with nothing! The thieves on Capitol Hill will never disclose all the c r a p that is written into most bills. If they did they'd have lynch mobs at their doorsteps! When Obama campaigned about his proposed "change", we should have been smart enough to realize the cold hard truth. The only thing that will actually change is the pockets where our hard earned tax dollars will be going! The only way the healthcare system will be "fixed" (meaning it will be better for the common working man) is if they stop the bill padding of doctors and hospitals, and control the profits of the pharmecutecal companies. But this will never happen, as too much of that money is going to these bozos' campaign funds! The saddest part of all is that even were we to vote all these fools out of office, the bunch we voted in would likely do the same things! As Pete Townsend said back in '71: "Meet the new boss...same as the old boss"!!!