SI article about Peyton.. lots of excuses.

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    SI article about Peyton.. lots of excuses.

    Anyone catch the SI article about the struggles Peyton Manning is having this season?  It certainly is an excercise by the writer to make all sorts of excuses for the man.

    For the most part he speaks to how Peyton is missing all his Pro-Bowl talent and has yet to get on the same page as the "newbies".  Well, what does that say about our man Brady?  It speaks volumes about the fact Brady DOES make the players around him better and does not need Pro-Bowlers to win!  How many of you realize the ONLY receiver in the lineup from the 2007 offense is Welker!!  As a matter of fact, look at the starting backfield compared to the 2007 season.. BJGE and Woody!!  Even the TEs are completely different from 2007.  And everyone is making excuses for Manning not having his "regulars" playing.  Seems Manning couldn't survive in an offense with the kind of turnover Brady has had to endure.  When has Brady ever had a receivers corps that stayed intact for more than a couple seasons?  Manning may have the stats, but Brady is proving he is the BETTER QB and the BETTER WINNING QB!
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    Re: SI article about Peyton.. lots of excuses.

    Manning has some of the stats.  Brady has his own superlatives, first and foremost the three rings:one.  But Brady ash so many other records or been part of so many other teams records that it is getting ridiculous. Another one today, six games with 2+ TDs and no INTS, tied with Meredith.   One last week.  Most regular season home game wins in-a-row. 

    He is approaching the record for consecutive passes without an INT. If he gets it, cool.  But the best thing about Brady over Manning is that you know Brady doesn't care spit about records compared to rings.