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Silly Superstitions

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    Silly Superstitions

    So this year I watched both playoff games in the living room, instead of the man-cave where we were bounced the previous two years.

    I also went to my first NFL game against the cowboys. Fearing the jinx was on I took myself out of the stands and went up to the club boxes late in the 4th quarter. Tom promptly drove us down the field and scored us a TD and we won! Now it may have been because I was all geezied up from beer, and had to Pee, but I think the move to the club seat indoor area was the best move.

    Post game I received a winter jacket that I wear every day because its freaking cold. I also got a tent sized Wilfork jersey (5X yes I am fat) that I display on the wall. Sunday I took it down and put it on, but fearing another jinx situation I quickly put it back up on the wall.

    Anyone else have ridiculous superstitions? I suppose it's not as insane as wearing the same jock strap or any other article of clothing from week to week.

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    Re: Silly Superstitions

    I never watch the Patriots while running on the treadmill.  I started at half time last night and stayed on until I had unintentionally helped the Ravens grab a 20-16 lead.  I can only imagine Lee Evans TD celebration if I had stayed on for the entire 4th quarter.  I won't be on the treadmill for the Super Bowl!