My biggest take-away from last night was the lack of situational awareness the Miama offense displayed last night.  It made the contrast between Bill Belichick and coaches like Tony Baloney so stark.

Q4 1:30, Miami 1-10 on the NE 32 Brandon Marshall leans forward in what would have been a false start, but he makes it a time-out.  It's Miami's last time out, and he used it to avoid a meaningless 5-yard penalty.

Q4 :30, Miami 1-10 on the NE 17, Brnadon Marshall goes down with an injury.  By rule, if a player injury stops play after the 2 minute warning, that players team is charged a TO, and if they have none, there is no penalty for a fourth time out (there is for a fifth), but if the clock is running and the team is behind, there is a 10 second run-off and the clock resumes.  The Miami players don't know the rule, and so they slowly walk up and get lined up, running off time until there's only 6 seconds left. 

Even if they had known the rules, had not made bone-head moves like Marshall, they likely would have lost.  But that's the difference between the Patriots and other teams--everyone on that team is drilled to be aware of the siutation: down, distance, score, time and rules.

The Toney Baloney's of the world will never understand why it matters to teach your players to be situationally aware.