Smashmouth Offense

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    Smashmouth Offense

    So Like many of the posters on here I agree that we have a problem when it comes to offense, In my opinion the blame is not solely one group, but the group as a whole. The play calling is the worst though, all teams are playing a prevent defense because they know that the Pats want to air it out, and as other posters have pointed out, we never won a superbowl that way, I mean New Orleans who is a pass happy offense has 32 less PA than us, I mean what the heck.

    We need to go back to the roots that we had, a clock grinding offense with power packages. The TE that they traded the giants for wasn't even active yesterday. I say we go out and sign Lorenzo Neal if he is still interested in playing, and the Pats feel he can still play. If he can't find a true fullback somewhere and set our selves up in a good old school pats offense. I also would like to see some changes on the O-line particualarly in the LT, give Vollmer a shot or two I would like to at least see him out there. If we want to run the ball and Neal is healthy he is by far the best run blocker, so i dont want to hear any calls for his head.

    What do you all think?
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    Re: Smashmouth Offense

    I agree, run, run run and screen passes to set up the passing game. Losing Josh McDaniels was a big deal afterall. No OC or OC by committee is not working.
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