So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and "this"

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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and

    The issue in sports as in all of society is players all come from different backgrounds and have different attitudes towards how they conduct themselves and their beliefs.

    I grew up in an environment  where the people raising me (grandparents) lived through the depression and taught and instilled the values that everything  you get or expect to get has to be earned. There are no short cuts only taught values, education and hard work will determine the type of person you are. I am not sayng that is the best or only way but it was what I lived and what I was exposed to.

    Most proffesional athletes (not all) today were identified at a young age to have an amazing talent and subsequently coddled, enabled and allowed to do as they pleased. For most of them it is all they know. 

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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and

    "Respect, honor, commitment,  ethics and morals....... why aren't these  traits cherished in sport, why aren't these commitments required?"

    Because these traits are not demonstrated by the leaders in our country. How many politicians, educators, businessmen, coaches, scoutmasters, religious leaders etc. get caught every year doing dishonest things and treating people with no regard? It starts at the top, and sheet flows downhill...


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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and


     Remember, there are about 2000 players in the NFL.  Because the bad guys get a lot of press it's easy to think they are all bad.  But the vast majority of those 2000 guys are pretty decent. If 20 of them are jerks, that's only 1%. The remaining 99% are okay. Pull any 2000 people and you're going to find a few bad eggs.

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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and

    I find it amusing that the three previous comments are terrific by Ghostofjr, BSF111 and Prolate. But little action here.

    Yep, I remember when I was a kid, if I did something wrong, they would say " I'm gonna tell your Mother about this"! My answer, No please don't ( you know why). Then I would say " do you need me to run an errand for you". lol

    Yep, it starts from the Home and the Top and they don't impress me one bit with there foolishness. Heck, there is a guy now reported to be the next Mayor of NY. Another 'official' sitting in front of portaits of George, Abraham and Theodore etc. getting wanked, meanwhile,  during that act, Yassar Arafat walking around the Rose Garden waiting nervously for an appointment with the top 'official'. Afterwhich, the top 'official' gets a photo snapped with he and his wife going to church that same morning on the front page with a Bible in his hand. Fun huh? Long story on this ..... like you say "it gets tiring".

    Yep, most NFL players are good guys and hard workers and earn thier jobs and contracts. Those are the majority whom we give thanks for a Great Sport we all enjoy here.

    My own view is collectively .... all of the above. Don't be "tired of it" enjoy it .... peoples' Hearts need to change first, then the minds of those people will change, not until.

    Have a great night to all ...


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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and

    Corporate America is worse and far more damaging. America was defrauded by financial scams and those who cashed out walked and left the economy for what it is today, the rich get richer jobless recovery. No one went to jail. Athletes are far too absorbed and out of touch to do that kind of damage. 

    Oh and by the way you are posting in the wrong forum. Football contracts are for the most part not guaranteed. Your beef would be far more with the NBA or MLB.

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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and

    I would like to see what the overall culture of major university football programs are like. I did tennis and fencing in college, so I didn't really get to meet many of the football players other than running into them at a party for a little while (How exciting can a 5'10 accounting major who is the President of the fencing club be lol). However, a lot of them seemed very entitled and were huge party animals. It made me wonder about their coaches all the way from pee wees to college. My high school was very white washed and close knit, so I can't comment on the programs many of the other players grew up in. It makes me wonder of these players are being taught ethics and whether or not their coaches are really being good role models. Before I moved to my HS I grew up in a very poor inner city area with a very poor family. I was the poorest kid in HS too. What did I do? I looked up and listened to my role models, decided that college could be worth it, and improved myself. I didn't sell drugs and I didn't kill people. I think it is all about quality role models  growing up.

    It is hard to root for players when most act like punks or spoiled brats. Then you have the OJs and the Ray Lewises of the world which makes it even harder. Yes, you have the Skinners (Enron) in the financial world, etc, but these players are role models and play a game for a living. You don't need to be going around shooting people, selling drugs, and televising your "decision." 


    Come on if you think you can take us on
    You and whose army?
    You and your cronies.

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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and

    Bobby Lane was a drunk and a womanizer, so was Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb was a mean SOB, how many boxers have we sent to jail only to welcome them back into society for our entertainment, we've enjoyed hardened criminals and former gang bangers in sports for as long as there has been sports, Willie McGinest was a crip after all...    

    I have to agree with BostonTrollSpanker, white collar criminals do worse every day, taking away old ladies pensions, stealing their savings, taking food out of young children's mouths.  Hernandez got caught, he killed a block from his house like a fool, he was dumb as well as corrupt.   I sure do love all the "innocent until proven guilty" garbage though... the guy is a loser who was too stupid to find a way out because he didn't want a way out, he was a tough guy... enjoy prison tough guy.    

    Let's just hope we can get some cap relief and some of that signing bonus back before the victim's of his crimes get it all.  There's a guy Hernandez shot in the face down in Miami who needs to get paid beyond the dead guy's family...

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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and

    Well . . .  I'm not sure how to initiate a top-to-bottom culutural cleansing, but the truth of the matter is that, as long as we keep coddling and entitling elite athletes, we're going to keep running into instances where people who have never had to follow a code before find themselves suddenly cast into a different limelight and told -- many for the first time -- that they've done something "wrong."

    Don't get me wrong, this is not to excuse the behavior of those who can't  handle the responsibility of larger-than-life fame and endless wheelbarrows full of cash, but until we do something about agents and recruiters in elementary schools, this problem is going to persist.

    Oh . . .  and if you're one of those people who believes it really is the fans' fault for continuing to spend their money to watch the product of all this corruption . . .   there's an easy way to fix that.


    Now you listen here! He's not the Messiah . . .   he's a very naughty boy!

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    Re: So Tired of HUGE contracts... Athletes and


    Again, there are about 2,000 guys signed to NFL contracts at any given time and the turnover is relatively high, so there are 1000s of guys who played in the NFL over the past four or five years.  What percentage of those guys are criminals?  It's pretty small, I'm sure.  So let's not get our undies all in a bunch just because one or two high profile guys turns out to be a thug.  Society isn't falling apart.  The vast majority of these coddled, entitled athletes are pretty normal guys.