So what have we added?

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    So what have we added?

    Don't forget, we have added some very good quality players for this coming year.

    DE Jonathan Fanene - 6'4" 285

    G Robert Gallery - 6'7" 325

    S Steve Gregory - 5'11'' 195

    DE Trevor Scott - 6'5" 255

    WR Brandon Lloyd - 6' 190

    DT Marcus Harrison - 6'3" 316

    Plus.....these players, hopefully can come back from injuries and play to their potential. 

    T Marcus Cannon - 6'5" 360

    CB Ras I-Dowling - 6'1" 200

    RB Shane Vereen - 5'9" 205

    Now we've added Hightower and Jones to our defense. 

    Pretty awesome group. They all stay healthy this year? It will be a blast to watch this team. 

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    Re: So what have we added?

    BB has done a great job adding to the whole team. In the 2nd round I think they need to add at least one defensive back who could push for a starting spot. They have a bunch of guys who can play the Nickle, but a Safety to play next to Chung or another outside Corner would be a huge help, and if nothing else push the rest of the crew to be better. I can also see them adding a RB to push Vereen or Ridley for the feature back spot. Whether it's Miller from Miami or Polk from Washington. Polk is very good in the passing game, and is also a hard runner at 5-10 215. As for the other top end backs, they are all small and quick, duplicating what the team already has in Woodhead.