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So what was the TBC issues of releasing and signing all about...a shrewd move..what else

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    So what was the TBC issues of releasing and signing all about...a shrewd move..what else

    There was a way to make sure Banta-Cain and Alexander were not exposed to waivers and picked up by another team.....we all good again..all is well

    From Boston.Com

    The benefit belongs to the team. In both cases, Banta-Cain and Alexander had cap charges that were only equal to the minimum salary of a player with two credited seasons prior to 2009, which is $460,000.

    By extending both players their cap charges will actually go up. The same goes for wide receiver Sam Aiken, who signed a two-year contract extension on Monday. Aiken's base salary for 2009 went up from $645,000 to $1.16 million.

    The reason for releasing Banta-Cain and Alexander within the last 24 hours is that once the NFL's trading deadline, which is today at 4 p.m, passes, all released players are subject to waivers until Feb. 1.

    Up until the deadline, players with four or more seasons of service are not subject to the waiver system.

    So, the Patriots had to release Banta-Cain and Alexander if they wanted to sign them to new deals, but wanted to do so without exposing them to waivers, where another team could claim them.

    It's actually a very shrewd move.

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    Re: So what was the TBC issues of releasing and signing all about...a shrewd move..what else

    anotha great move by bel! if u waive a playa today and going forward, they must clear waivers... yesterday was the LAST day to do so before the trade deadline without waivers or worryg about someone else taking them! plus u get to renegotiate with them for long term deals if mutually beneficial. really was just a procedural wink-wink deal between bel and the player and their agents. TBC, alexander and aiken all got identical low-cost deals going up thru 2011. by then, labor deal would b reached without threat of an uncapped year! surprised ninkovich wasnt part of it. in case of galloway and matthews, it was more about subtle way that bel shows professional respect to guys. they both get to pik teams they want and not just be claimed off waivers, which from my assumption would actually be cheaper and potentially more beneficial to the pats.

    someone major will likely b cut tomorrow. also look for a marvin harrison to b signed within the next 2 weeks as teams clear roster spots.