Solder looks huge

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    If not, this is about the 3rd time I've read you make that claim and I'm going to call you out on it.  I went back to your Guide where you had DT as the Pats highest need.  They certainly did not draft a DT.  And some of the players you listed as good choices were still available to them.  If you are going to claim that you get credit for your highest rated player at  each position that they might take that's not the same thing as everyone else's idea of a mock draft.  That's like having 10 picks instead of 1. 


    Go to the last page of my thread where I give my final picks the day before the draft.  I gave two players per pick from four position groups.  


    The first outside linebacker I had there was Collins and on my big board I had him as the 2nd best OLB/DE overall.  

    If you want to go all the way back to last year, my last year's thread was hovering around page 222.  I had Solder as my 1st offensive player off the board at the Patriot's biggest position of need.

    I don't mock one player per round, thats silly to me because depending where players fall ahead of your pick, it could change the whole outlook of the draft. I don't care about the other teams.  I gave two players from 4 positions I projected the Pat's taking.

    Considering nearly 1000 players declared for the 2013 NFL draft, 254 were selected, the fact that I projected three of them on my final board, not including TJ Moe who we just signed as an UDFA which makes 4 and including the first pick overall is not too shabby.


    so when you make that board teh top 2 players at every positon are who you want bb to take, or who you think he will take. given the # of psotions, thats a little more than someone picking 1 or 2 plyers per round of who they want or who they think bb shoujld take. still sounds like from what you are saying, you have similar views to bb on talent.


    he usually takes 1-2 of the players i want of those i list i want in each rd we pick.

    sometimes i give only1 player someitmes a few. when i want us to double up on a player, more. 

    since we havent won the big one in years i dont know that that credits you/bb with making the wisest picks though. hope it works out this year.

    Wozzy listed the 2 best players at each position that he thought would be selected if BB picked at that position. That's how I took it. He listed the reasons that he thought they deserved to be one of his Top 2.  That's how it understood it. Fair enough For me. What does that have to do with not winning the big one? It makes me think he's more in line with BB then your picks are. We need to see how Jenkins and d'rick do this year so we can see how your recent wishes of picks do.