"Are you kidding me? We're holding the ball, we're unprotected, just sitting there defenseless, so they've got to stay away from me. They deserve to get flagged." - Tom Brady

Boohoo! Poor defenseless Brady. The breeze under his dress his making is cooch cold. "They've got to stay away from me"! Stop those bad boys from getting close to Nancy. Has anyone ever heard a QB say "They've got to stay away from me" ? This is the funniest girly quote I've ever heard. Let's see how Pats fans can defend "They've got to stay away from me". And please just answer how you feel about that quote. I don't care about how you feel about me or the Ravens, Suggs, Lewis or anyone. Can you say with a straight face your QB is not a p*ssy after read that quote? Can you answer that question? I don't think so.