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mosseffect and ALL:

It's precisely reasons like this Jets/Miami situation that has gotten out of hand, THAT Belichick doesn't offer ANYthing to the Media (and that's why they hate him).  This situation started off with the imbecile Jets loudmouth Coach opening his mouth and falling face-first into a sound-bite taken originally out of context.  When asked about Miami's Safety Will Allen being injured for the season, The Jet's Coach First said, "Who Cares?"  THEN (and what's left out of many reports) is the next sentence, which accurately conveys the overall meaning of his first statement:  "We've got 2 Probowlers injured and I'm not complaining."  MEANINGIt's not like I'm happy the guy's (Miami's Will Allen) hurt...I've got guys hurt as well.

The Jet's Coach, for whom I can't place ALL the blame on "The Media", because The Coach's words come off as completely brash and derogatory to begin with, SADLY decided to keep his mouth running though, with his last statement ("unlocking the door" for further problems):  "It's NOT like Will Allen was gonna make the Pro-Bowl or anything."  This actually opens the door for other m#rons, too ignorant to keep their mouths shut as well (i.e. Miami's Joey Porter)... THIS in turn takes smashes said door into adjoining room's inner wall, as Porter NOW states that He wants to "...hurt Mark Sanchez, The Jets QB." 

UNFORTUNATELY, What The Jet's Coach hasn't figured out yet (and it looks like he ain't never gonna), Is that words take on Their very own Life, When The Subject's in, and the words subject to- the spotlight.  Now, cut and pasted for mass appeal (a "story")...Things grow in proportion in the center-stage.  Alas FINALLY, and also, Now that the Bedroom door is hanging off it's hinges, ready to fall at any moment's notice, You've realized (hopefully) that the actual "Game itself" has become incidental at worst, secondary to the other distracting factors, at best...

~THIS is yet 1 more reason WHY BB is the Best at what he does: Keeping his head, and his player's heads fixated on 1 thing...Winning the actual Game.