The modern era in the NFL has always been propagated with three or four dominant teams.

These teams defined their decade .

The 60's were dominated by the Bears , Vikings , and Packers ( Black n Blue Div. )  before the Cowboys eventually rose up .

The 70's saw the AFC fully emerge as the Raiders , Steelers and Dolphins excelled while the Cowboys and Vikes remained atop the NFC heap .

The 80's were defined by total NFC domination led by the 49ers , Giants , and Bears .

The 90's again saw the NFC in charge as the 49ers and Giants continued their winning ways before the Cowboys and Packers got back on track and overtook them .
 By decades end the Broncos finally ended both their own and the AFC's championship drought by winning back to back SB's .

The 2000's bore witness to the power pendulum swinging fully toward the AFC again as the Patriots and Colts shredded the winning % record books  , while the Steelers picked up where they left off in the late 70's .

   Now that the 2000-teens are fully underway , it appears the Patriots are on the verge of doing something that only one other NFL team has ever managed to accomplish ( Landry's Cowboys ) :
 Notching a second straight decade of dominance -
uninterrupted by the obligatory rebuilding / losing season(s) sandwiched in .

  I grew up a 70's Cowboys fan .

 I never thought I'd see the day when I wouldn't be one.

Then came the combination of Grogan's heroics and Landry's revoltin' dismissal and somehow I was granted a reprieve from the dark side ... (America's team ..pffft ) and by the grace of god I gained admittance into the divine light that is New England Patriots Football .

I never thought I'd see the day when another NFL coach would compare with the sustained excellence of Tom Landry ...

 Wrong again.

Here's to another Decade of New England Patriot Football Dominance and to the man that deserves the credit :

William Stephen Belichick