Regardless I am very proud of our Patriots - especially our team leader Tom Brady.

On the tragedy in Newtown, Conn.
"It certainly puts a lot of things in perspective in all of our lives. Really a tragedy and who knows why these things happen. You realize what we did last night really pales in comparison to what the families of the victims are feeling this week."

On the weather impacting the Patriots.
"It was sloppy on both ends. I think they fumbled three or four times and got them all back. We fumbled and didn't get them back. The interceptions were costly mistakes. Sometimes, you get them. Sometimes, you don't. When you're playing weather conditions like that, we've got to be more cognizant of taking care of the football."

On Brady angrily spiking the football after an official called a late timeout.
 "(The 49ers) were trying to call a timeout, and the ball got snapped, and then they blew the whistle to stop the play. I said you've got to call timeout before the play. You can't call timeout in the middle of the play. We had an uncovered receiver out there."

Did he catch up with Randy Moss last night?
"I didn't see him. I tried to look for him after the game, but I couldn't find him."

On meeting Colin Kaepernick after the game.
"I just wished him luck. He's obviously got them winning. That's the most important thing is winning football games."
On when Rob Gronkowski will return: "I'm not sure. Whenever hes ready to go. He's a big help to our offense."

On potentially seeing the 49ers in the Super Bowl.
"That's a long ways from now. We've got to win a lot of games. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes and not repeat them."