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Sooo Nice!!...Bengals' Joiner sentenced to three years

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    Sooo Nice!!...Bengals' Joiner sentenced to three years

    Wow, this stuff is totally amazing.

    This guy gets sentenced 5 YEARS after the offense, due to his playing football in college he gets to stay in school and finish.

    Sorry people, but if this was John Q. Public, after robbing a drug dealer and being caught with a multitude of drugs (3 different  types including Hydrocodone) your azz would have been jailed.

    I can prove this theory, someone give Rusty Pink Hat a gun, a bag of weed, some extasy and Hydrocodone, then have Jintsfan call the cops.
    I bet Rusty gets 10 years easy, and a few lumps of knowledge on his bean before getting to Sing Sing by the nice men in blue

    The NFL no longer needs Roger Goodell running it, no no... They need Al Pachino with his Little Friend!


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