Special Teams

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    Re: Special Teams

    This could be very possible bobbysu.  Last Sundays game was decided by two bad special teams plays from the Dolphins.  The fumbled punt where the Pats scored on the possession due to that and then the Dolphins got a roughing the kicker called on them to give the ball back to the Pats where they ended up scoring on, so yes ST's is big.


    As far as rkarp stating "I believe 3 of his misses are holder issues, and 1 of his misses is snapper issue."  I tend to agree with him on this. 

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    Re: Special Teams

    That's why the loss of Edelman will hurt in many ways. He was a standout on returns and coverage units for ST's. Very under rated player IMO.

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    Re: Special Teams

    Special teams, especially if the weather turns bad, could very well determine the outcome of the game. A blocked kick, a muffed punt, or bad kick coverage could decide it.

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    Re: Special Teams

    Everything said is true.....ST is one of the three phases of the game you hear BB and TB talk about every single week. Don't give them chances to take it out, don't miss from inside 50yds, stay true to your assignments on coverage, be opportunistic, pin them back when you can, we can't afford to give up anything easy and foolish to this team.

    Last week proved you can benefit by poor ST play.....the Pats were lucky to have the Phins mess up the snap and then be foolish enough to run into the kicker, you can't really credit the Pats play for that as much fault the Phins, point is we benefitted.

    bobbysu, if you remember that Giants kicker was Weatherford, the same guy who played for the Jets during their run a few years ago. The same guy who used to pin us back then too. I was very unhappy to see we never made a play for him.



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    Re: Special Teams

    In response to bobbysu's comment:

    I keep thinking of last years Superbowl, and that Darn Punter for the Giants, kept pinning us back the whole game with Great Punts. People dont remember that we had terrible Field Position that whole game. After Manning, he was my MVP.

    TFB12 how are you? We need one of your Good Omens this week! My friend.

    Good to hear from you bobbysu!  I will work on one this weekend, I have hit a wall lately, running out of ideas.

    But you are right about the Giants kicker, actually I thought he should have been the MVP.

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