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I am glad Bill can coach like a MASTER and spot talent that is there in the late rounds or undrafted.

but the main job of a GM is to NAIL top 100 picks at a high rate (not 30% since '06 rate) and address the 1-2 big holes per year a contender with a small window has with SOLID STARTERS not guys who 'were' starters 3 years ago before hitting age 30 or guys who are backups the team then asks too much of.

In that regard he has blown it when it comes to the most important responsibilities a GM has. Despite being an excellent and incredible head coach.

Again, false.

He nails 1st rd picks which is all you can ask. No one is better at using the draft, UDFAs and FA than BB. No one. There have been disappointments in terms of guys that didn't deserve second deals like a Maroney or Meriweather, but he's never whiffed like the Jets have, for example.  

Bill Polian was just fired because he couldn't figure it out. Read that again.

The only argument is pre lockout 2009 or before where any contract or 2nd rd bust or beyond that where the ROI wasn't there. But, if he hits in FA or with a later rd pick, what is the harm?

It does not matter where a pick is picked since 2011. And, BB has proven that. The rookie cap supports that premise.

Learn the landscape before trying to take me on with this topic. 

Jerry Jones, 88% hit rate in the first 3 rounds for the past 3 years.

BB, 57%  At least that's an improvement from 06-09, where he walked away with 1 kicker and 1 starter.   BWAHAHA

Nuff said!

What?  Jerry Jones has 84 million tied up in 7 players for next year with a 123 million cap.

They just lost today, giving up 30 points and they need to sign Dez Bryant.

Umm, you could not have walked into a worse wall than that, Pissdispenser. Typical for you because you did not do your homework.

Thanks, BB. The genius infrastucture is not lost on the intelligent, loyal and longtime fans.


No one ever said Jerry Jones was anything but a goof, but that's the point. duh

At least he hits on his draft picks.  What he does with the $$ after that is irrelevant as you mentioned him hitting on his picks which is total BS.  He has a poor % of hitting those top 100 picks (especially 2nd and 3rd rounds) and you know it.  We all know it.

Maybe BB should just draft in the 1st and 7th rounds.  Still wouldn't hit that 88%. LOL