Speed vs. Anticipation

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    Speed vs. Anticipation

    With the loss of experienced, but older players on defense who had great anticipation, does the added speed in certain positions make up for the anticipation? Meaning, can the defense this year be as good or better than last even with less veteran guys at certain positions because they rookies who fill these positions are younger and faster?....Thoughts?
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    Re: Speed vs. Anticipation

    It's an interesting question.

    The Pats defense relies heavily on players maintaining their zones and not getting caught chasing -- this is why you are constantly hearing Belichick say "Do your job!" It seems reasonable to believe that veteran players, while perhaps less athletic, may be better disciplined while younger guys might be more likely to break zone integrity looking to make the highlight reel, and in doing so, leave the defense vulnerable to the right quarterback. I think this comes down to coaching -- to preparation.

    Are we going to question the preparation of a Belichick team?

    Am I?