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    Re: Spikes

    He reminds me somewhat of Brian Cox.  That first superbowl run that Pats made you could say the defining moment, and transformation of a ho hum defense into ball hawking pipe hitters was the Cox hit on an Indy running back.  It was one of the best hits I've seen in my life and it was a turning point.  I think Spikes brings that ability not just in his hitting and intensity, but to be able to bring it out in those around him as well. 
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    Re: Spikes

    Agree he reminds me of Cox too.

    He was known as the tebow of the defense in college so you know he has charisma and you can see his energy on the field.

    He will need BIG games in order for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

    But as a reminder in the beginning of the season the Pats were really good versus the run. The second half without Spikes and Chung they were terrible.

    Glad they are both back!
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    Re: Spikes

    Like the fact that when healthy he's a bit punishing and in tandem with 
    Chung add the nasty that's been missing most all season....

    Look for Mayo to have a huge game against Balt. with these two
    operating at full strength.
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    Re: Spikes

    We're really going to need Spikes and Chung to deliver some serious wood to Ray Rice. The key to this game is keep Rice in check. Make Flacco win the game with his passing. It's a good bet Flacco can't do that.

    Go Pats!

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    Re: Spikes

    I was waiting to see if BabeParilli was going to post. Guess the fact that Spikes (and Chung) are solid, physical football players doesnt fit his view that BB is bad at drafting and that the only person who makes this a winning team is TB. BB just takes a paycheck I guess.

    I like the core middle of Vince, Mayo, Spikes, Chung. Hoping McCourty turns into a really good FS.

    Hoping they focus on DE or OLB or CB the way they focused on OL, TE and RB the past two years.
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    Re: Spikes

    ....and he makes movies....
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    Re: Spikes

    Well, he is certainly enthusiastic.  Glad to have Spikes and Chung back on the field.