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Spygate vs Chokegate

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    Re: Spygate vs Chokegate

    If anyone wants to research PI calls, all you have to do is go to  You click schedule, pick the season and the go week-to-week.  Simply review the play-by-play.  It's a little time-consuming but it is 100% accurate so you can't manipulate results to suit argument.  I believe Indy had 4 DPI calls this year prior to Jax game and 6 DPI calls in 2008.     
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    Re: Spygate vs Chokegate

    Underdogg, Integrity? You've got to be kidding, right?

      "Jimmy Johnson: Howard Mudd 'Was the Best in the Entire League at Stealing Signals' "

    Hhhmmmm..... What could JJ possibly mean by that? Smile
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    Re: Spygate vs Chokegate

    bn, I think you are just about right.  I looked into this a few weeks ago because BradleyBliss was claiming that the colts had had no pi calls in 19 straight games going back to last year. 

    Also look at defensive holding.  Its a call being made more frequently this year (imo) not constituting DPI.  Colts got one yesterday on the Hayden interception.  Unfortunately there was no replay and the penalty was not on screen to see if it happened.
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