Start Drinking Early

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    Re: Start Drinking Early

    btown - I couldn't believe it myself. I always gets loud and crazy at B's and Sox games and generally so do all the people around me. At the old place I never had an issue and was always surrounded by screaming fans. This was the first time I went to the new stadium (05') mainly because it's so expensive to go I'd rather stay home with friends and watch the game on my 55" plasma.

    The first thing that went through my head was 'how many did I have to drink?' SO I asked my neighbors if I was being to loud and drunk and they told me not at all but that this happened all the time. I guess they want it to be more family friendly which unfortunately also means more of a pink hat crowd. Either that or the security guy was just a jerk
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    Re: Start Drinking Early

    It's the same problem at Celtics games...the "new", more affluent crowd refuses to open up and cheer their teams on...the soul is largely's awfuly tough to get down and dirty when you are trying to impress a group of stuffy clients or trying to impress some fine junior partner in the firm whose pants you are trying to enter. Plus, it COSTS too much for tickets and parking and food and ALCOHOL at the games for the "average" fan to afford. That's the sad truth about professional sports in Boston today. I don't know how Bruins fans stay such vocal fans...I think it's great. Back in the days of Cowens and Hondo, then with Bird, the Garden was rocking. Now it sounds like an empty barn, souless and devoid of life. Same with the Razor all too often.
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    Re: Start Drinking Early

    Pfffft! Like I need Brady to tell me that.

    FTR, I'm washing down a healthy shot of Irish with a brewski right now.

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    Re: Start Drinking Early

    Okay, I started already!! Wait!!!! Is this only for people attending the game live?