Stat I bet most of you DID NOT know

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    Stat I bet most of you DID NOT know

    Chicago is third worst in the league in yards per game. They average less yards than teams like the Jets, Chiefs and Dolphins! Don't understand why Cutler is even if the MVP discussion. If you're going to put a Bear in the discussion, make it a defensive player.

    Why do I bring this up?

    Well, I was going over Houston's schedule. I wanted to see how that defense performed against above average QBs (Manning, Rodgers, Cutler, Stafford). I don't think you can judge how good you play defensively against teams with average QBs, because outside of Flacco, most if not all of the QBs in the playoffs will be good.

    Manning: He had an okay game. His Y/A was pretty low. They also strugged to run the ball. However, I think we can all agree that Manning is better now than he was early in the season. I also think we can argue that the HOU run D is worse now without Cushing.

    Rodgers: HOU did almost nothing right except sack Rodgers twice. TWICE! GB's Oline is dreadful. I don't remember the game, but considering Rodgers' numbers and how poor their oline is, it just means Rodgers beat the blitz. Good QBs beat the blitz, everyone knows that.GB has a poor oline and no running game. What do I make of this? HOU can't get pressure rushing 4. Which is very bad when you consider the secondary issues theyre having right now.

    Cutler: One offense led by an "above average" QB that they shut down. Couple of things though. Bad weather game. Cutler only played 1 half. Bear's offense is actually quite terrible. I can't even consider this game anymore.

    Stafford: Passed for a 7.2 Y/A clip. Non existent run game for most of the season. 3 sacks on 61 drop backs. They actually did a better job on Detroit than Seattle did. But I don't think you can argue that they did a good job.


    Being a good defense against good QBs is different than being a good defense against average QBs. To me, you need at least of 1 two to be a good defense: Ability to get presssure rushing 4 or a physical secondary that can disrupt rhythm. Texans have neither. The blitz works against less than adequate Qbs.


    This is an overrated defense. That being said, Mercilus is a wild card. I think this defense is more dangerous with Mercilus over Reed.


    This game will probably be a shootout. Everything that I said the HOU defense lacks, I think you can argue the NE defense lacks as well. HOU offense is also a bit underrated in my opinion.

    This has the makings of a 38-35 type game.

    Unless of course the weather report holds true 

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    Re: Stat I bet most of you DID NOT know

    I'm not really into playing the "who did you play" argument.  You can only play the cards you were dealt.  They've lost 1 game.  Some were close but the difference between good teams and bad teams is often nothing more than the good teams just making a few extra plays when it counts.

    We're a good team too.  I like our chances but I think Houston is as good as their record would suggest.  Of course, I'm hoping for a complete beating that sends them on a losing streak.  Call it the curse of the Patriots rout.  Being handily beaten by the Pats has caused teams to go on a losing streak in the past.