Patriots - Easy question now is why Mr. Bill the Wizard of the Patriots does not stick titles on his Co-ordinators in waiting.

Answer: No offensive coordinator title no NFL head coaching job anytime soon. The Wiz knows he needs to build a staff again. He also knows people are coordinators and are hungry to get that job and title. He wants the coaches to be hungry and go through what he went through to be successful. Pepper Johnson is a name brand why slap a coordinator title on him and make him marketable. Defensive guys are a bit trickier. This young defense with a few free agent veteran additions may blossom this year.

Red Sox - Why not sign Johnny Damon for 5 million.

answer: The New York Yankees will. The Yanks signed Wynn to a 1.1 million contract so that leaves Johnny with 6 million of the 7 million the Yanks last offer is why. Damon is perfect for Yankee Stadium. This is all just negotiating to the Yanks. Wynn is older and less talented than Damon.

Bruins- Who will they pick up to score goals at the trade deadline?

answer Some Duck named Sellane is who. Did I get that spelling right? Quack@

Celtics- Ray Allen will be a Celtic after the deadline or not?

answer: Chris Bosh is the only reason Ray Allen could switch uniforms. If Toronto trades Bosh they could still resign him or someone similar. The major benefit for Toronto is Ray Allens expiring contract is 3 million more than Bosh's and the Raps cap is much lower than the C's.

Toronto GM desperately wants Glen Davis and would prefer Sheed over Allen. In fact if he had his way he would take all 3. Ainge can not find the pieces in Toronto that could ultimately blow up any team chemistry right now.