State of the Offense

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    Re: State of the Offense

    In response to wozzy's comment:

    In short the addition of Josh McDaniel's, another Ridely clone in Bolden, heavy tightend depth, more fullback play using Hernandez primarily at FB (I believe they'll bring Kettani or another free agent FB in at some point) means the offense is much improved from a philosphical standpoint.

    A more "ground and pound" offensive game will work better with BB's "bend don't break" defensive scheme as well as Tom Brady's play action strengths.  Receivers abound on this team, Woody, Vereen and Demps eventually can moonlight at WR as can Hernandez.  Now all of our runningbacks are good to great receivers and with Josh they may actually get some use.  The minute Josh signed with this team, the offensive automatically improved dramatically.

    I agree with all of that Wozzy and the ground and pound would have been great for last years bend but don't break defense. I think that this years d is going to force a lot of 3 and outs and turnovers as well.  It will allow the offense to work itself to performing at its best. I agree that the addition of Mcdaniels makes it better right off the bat. Actually Bill Obrien leaving was addition by subtraction as they became so predictable last year that it held them back in the playoffs. 

    By midseason the offense and defense should both be elite and will lead the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win since 2004 season.

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    Re: State of the Offense

    How about getting a decent kickoff return guy? Ellis Hobbs left 3 years ago and with him went the kickoff return game.