Steelers did the Patriots a favor.

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    Re: Steelers did the Patriots a favor.

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    I'm torn with how bad the patriots really wanted Sanders in the first place.  On one hand they were willing to give up a 3rd round draft choice and some cash.  On the other hand, if they wanted him bad enough they probably should have offered just a little more cash.

    Per Peter King...

    I think someone's going to have to tell me, if the Patriots really wanted Emmanuel Sanders in restricted free agency, why they signed him to a one-year, $2.5 million contract. That's like saying, "Well, we sort of want him, but we're really not sure, and we'll give him a D-minus deal, and maybe Pittsburgh will just take the third-round pick in return." I don't get the gesture. At all.



    Not sure how much money King (or you) think you pay a WR with the following average stats over a 3 yr career -


    13 games played/year - 2012 16 games

    31 receptions/year - 2012 44 receptions

    430 yds per/year - 2012 626 yds

    1.6 TDs/year - 2012 - 1 TD

    .7 fumbles/yr - 2012 2 fumbles (or a fumble every 15 touches!)

    As for it being one year ... Sanders wasn't signing a cheap multi-year contract - he is hoping next year is his 'break-out' and he gets a much better UFA deal. (Sort of like a lot of CBs who signed 1 yr deal this year.) And BB wasn't investing big money and a draft pick in an unproven commodity.


    Like I have said earlier, I was on the fence about this to begin with.  At first I didn't want the Pats to get Sanders, I would have rather they went after a proven player that could be a deeper threat.  As time went on the choices were getting thinner and Sanders just might have been the best option at this point. 

    But it looks like the Pats either thought he was worth getting on a fairly cheap deal or they really wanted him and totally whiffed on the offer they gave the Steelers to match.  Either way, they didn't get him so I question just how much they wanted him in the first place. 

    I'm holding out hopes they have a trade they are working on.  The current list of receivers with Gronk and Hernandez possibly having some problems right now isn't impressive and certainly isn't an upgrade over last season.  I would rather trade for a proven NFL receiver then try and find a gem in the draft.  If they could do both then that would be perfect, lol!

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    Re: Steelers did the Patriots a favor.

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    Kind of torn on how I feel about Lloyd...I thought he was an average signing, average/slightly above average player...and I think both the signing and the player turned out to be more than we've come to expect from off season moves of late. Typical of us he was a low risk move, that turned into a one year rental that we have to replace (see - Carter, Waters, Anderson)...these are the best free agents we've signed over the last five years by far. I think this approach is getting old and it does little to improve the team moving forward - it puts a lot of pressure on your QB to win games too. 


    They're not base players, though. This is what makes you an incredible hypocrite. The Jets, Ravens, etc, with horrendous cap management swap out huge swaths of their roster and they you pretend Waters or Carter or now Lloyd somehow majorly affected our team, which is false.


    You would not even be referecing these names if some guy named Welker didn't drop easy bals or Brady played a bit better.

    Just give it up already. You're talking out of both sides of your mouth. You just said last month you wish BB did what the Jets did into the lockout, which was to buy the base of a roster on both sides of the ball.

    You just said that. You're a moron. 

    These small signings are meant to be slight infusion players, not major impact players. They're meant to help in small, impactful ways, but they aren't meant to be the reason why we win.  Tom Brady, Welker, our TEs, Logan Mankins, etc, all disappear in the big games. They either underperform or are inconsistent. These guys are the ones making the big bucks, yet they're WORSE in the postseason.

    Carter, Waters, Ellis, Lloyd, insert name here is not why our best players SUCKED with the chips on the table.

    You act like Brady's awful decisions, INTs or Welker's drops are good things. Those are our best players!    Christ!

    If Tim Thomas wins a Vezina or is a finalist in 2011 and then lays eggs in the postseason, that means Thomas didn't get it done. You're the moron who would run and try to blame Chris Kelly or Daniel Paille to try to mask the reality.


    Christ! Make it stop! We have the most moronic pink helmet fans of any NFL pink helmets ever.

    This proves that Ocho wasn't as bad as many claimed.   There is this anonoying stigma that some WR has to come in here and rescue Brady from his horrendous flaws against the better Ds. We have LLloyd who has 74 receptions, almost 1000 yards and 4 TDs and all of a sudden this is why our offense dribbles out 13 points at home in a AFC title game in an offensive era.

    Cannot be made up.




    Truthfully the more you write, the more utterly clueless you prove yourself to be. You make it seem as if free agency is a small portion of team building, just like how you cast aside second round busts as little bumps in the road. And you have a massive double standard - any other organization that drafted a Patrick Chung, Rasi Dowling, Jermaine Cunningham, Butler, Brace...or signed/traded for Ocho Cinco, Fenne, Haynesworth, Gallery, Stallworth, Gaffney, Addai, Gregory, Fred Taylor, Shiancoe (and many more), you'd be laughing your AZ$ off. Instead you applauded all these moves while bashing the best player on the team.


    You clearly are delusional and don't watch football. At least be consistent when you go around bashing every other team in the least know what you're talking about. When all these free agents (and the free agency period in general) fail, it hurts our chances of winning Super wastes years of the best QB the NFL has.

    I think it's ridiculous for you to criticize Brady the way you do - it shows just how little you know about football and it's laughable. You make it seem like it's easy to put up 30 points every week (should be expected) make it sound like throwing for over 4k yards and 30 touchdowns can be done by backups. How many interceptions does this guy throw a year? 10? Easy, right? Bawahaha! And how many times should this guy be sacked, but he side steps out of the way and completes passes to his third option? Yeah, everyone can do that, right? Yeah every quarterback can throw screens, outs, ins, slants, posts, comebacks and get pummeled week, after week without a single complaint...right? And we would make the playoffs every year without this guy and our defense, correct? Because that is what he has done - given us a chance every...single... year. Every one of them. Year after year this guy is in the top 3 at his position - no one has been able to say that - every other QB has had at least one bad season...not this guy. This guy hasn't even had two bad games in a row in his entire career - Bledsoe would go weeks without being able to hit a simple swing pass.

    I really think you're screwed up. Seriously. 


    It's amazing, the comment's he makes are just amazing.  Welker and Brady have been the Patriots best players on offense for several years, heck they have been at or vey near the top of the list of best players in the league for several years,  yet he expected them to have perfect games every single game.  Wake up!  Even the best players don't have perfect games all the time.  It's rare to play a perfect game.  If you have to have your best players, who are among the best players in the league, have perfect games to win then there is something seriously wrong with the other players/erea's on the team. 



    I seriously think the guy just doesn't understand's as simple as that. Well he does have other issues too, but it would take years of therapy to get to the bottom of that.  



    I understand it a lot better than you, Mt Puuke.  Go look at Brady's 2007 AFC title game stat line. You were probably cheeering when he threw his 3rd INT.


    You probably thought it didn't matter that he tossed the INT in SB in a back and forth, close game like that.

    Also, his high, poor throw to Welker wasn't a poor throw but a good throw to a wide open WR. lol

    Just super dee duper play from our best player on offense, who happens to be our QB.  lmao

    Yes, you really know the game. The quarterback has no responsibility and players who are paid far less, less talented or less important in the game somehow hold more responsibility than a player who touches the ball on every offensive play.

    You sure have a high IQ, Mt Puuke.


    It's a team sport, you don't get that. Instead you talk about players "making far less"...Ocho was making 7 million, Shaun Ellis was making four, Haynesworth was making 2.5, Mayo had just inked his 40 million dollar deal, Wilfork was making 8 million...none of these guys did anything in that Super Bowl. If it weren't for Brady we wouldn't even be in the post season. Fact.

    The thing that makes me laugh the hardest is how you talk about "team building" and yet place the blame on one guy. We could go out and sign Terrel Owens right now and you would applaud it! You would go on for days about value, experience, BB laying in the weeds! You are a very distorted individual...clueless as well.

    Trust me when I say this, if Tom Brady was our problem I'd be the first one to say it. He isn't, its the guys they have around him - defense especially.

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    Re: Steelers did the Patriots a favor.

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    13 points allowed through 57 minutes, waiting for the offense and the millions invested in ol Logie and Brady, etc, in an offensive era, is on the offense more so than the D.


    You're going to lose every team looking to Shawn Ellis or Ochochinco. Every time.

    I would in no way want Terrell Owens in here.  In fact, I clearly state ahead of time who I think would be good and who wouldn't be, which has been true here for years.

    For example, I suggested BB go hard after Tommy Kelly once he was cut. Voila, here comes Tommy Kelly.

    I am sure if Brady chokes it down in February again, you'll blame Tommy Kelly, somehow, some way. lol

    In fact, not once have I seen you or your pathetic pink helmet ilk be critical of Brady. EVER!

    That's the true definiton of a pink helmet.



    Why do you keep mentioning 13 points?? It's as if you forget the the other 8 points that cost us the game...or the fact that our defense couldn't get off the field or create one single turn over. That's all you talked about all year was our ability to create turn overs - and our defense took a giant dump on the field that day. Well that's not all you talked about...I also remember your giant love fest for Patrick Chung...hey do you realize you were the last person in New England to realize how much of a D- bag he was?

    Oh, I'm so glad you wanted Tommy Kelly - read the origanal Tommy post, you'll see I wanted him too dumbo. Hey did Bill call you prior to signing Kelly? You know, to get some of your wonderful talent evaluation insight? I wish he had called you before drafting Merriweather or signing Fenene...oh wait, didn't you used to think Merriweather was the second best safety in the AFC? Yup. Tell me, what's it like to be the most consistently wrong person on Does it motivate you to run out and buy some more draft guides? I bet you're at the mall right now purchasing zone defense for dummies! I can see it now...hey know it would be better if you had Wilson stay center field to keep those tight ends from killing us on those crossing patterns. Bill? Bill? Hello?

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    Re: Steelers did the Patriots a favor.

    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:

    In response to rkarp's comment:


    Lloyd was a mistake signing. The dead money and the curerent lack of depth at the position is proof.

    You can go ahead and blame Brady, you always do. The rest of us true fans have eyes, and saw a guy who caught the ball and fell down. And if Brady did not put the ball on the dime 90% of the time, Lloyd did not come down with it. (there were some lay out catches that were few and far between)

    I wasnt happy with the signing at the time, I was disappointed in the player during the year, and I am most disappointed we are back in the exact same position this year, except with more dead money

    No go ahead and continue to blame Brady while the rest of the board laughs at you and you ruin another thread


    I am not blaming Brady exclusively.  I disagree with how they've gone about running the offense, and YES, Brady is without question PART OF IT.


    Lloyd knew the system, was a clear upgrade over Ocho, but it's become very apparent there is a dynamic of Brady needing to have this circle of trust crap that has actually been more of a detriment to the team because he hasn't been in the mode of balancing out the offens as much during the regular season because he hasn't had to.

    Have you ever played sports? Something tells me you haven't. Believe it or not you can develop bad habits as an athlete and sometimes you need people to point that out to you.  Whether or not Tom Martinez had that big of an effect on Brady where his passing or illness has had an impact, who knows.

    But, it makes no sense to pretend a cheap Lloyd, as the 3rd passing option putting up 74 receptions in his first year here was somehow a "mistake signing".

    You're a sneaky little human being, too. The reason why you are in here trying to sell your garbage is to yet again bash BB by saying is mistake due to Lloyd not morphing into Jerry Rice to cover for another BAD postseason game by Tom Brady.

    And, so the "dead money" angle from you can be used again. People here with an IQ over 100 know your game.  Look at your trollish premise. It basically says he was overpaid on the production and the dead money blocked the development of the WRs on the roster in 2012.

    Really?  Your agenda here is a joke and so transparent, to the point your agenda premises don't even make sense.  That's how trollish you've become.

    What will be funny is if they do resign LLoyd and then go high in the draft, because if they bring in Lloyd and draft a D'Andre Hopkins, here is what the depth chart looks like:

    Amendola (line up everywhere, starter at the Z)

    LLoyd (starter at the X, but should be moved around in year 2 here)

    Edelman (lock, improved every year, solid WR used in slot and outside/back up)

    Hopkins (total wildcard as a rookie, big ceiling)

    Jenkins (decent vet, catches the ball, camp comp)

    Jones (total wildcard, back up, can line up everywhere)

    Slater (STs Ace, back up)

    Ebert (PS)

    Flat out, that's nothing not sneeze at and on paper is an improvement from last year. You'd have to be a moron to look at that on paper tied to what Gronk, Hern and Ballard would mean as options for Brady.  Throw in the RB group and it's even more attractive.

    There is something fundamentally wrong with how, since the 2005 move to more shotgun spreads, the ability for a slew of WRs, including borderline HOFer Torry Holt, have trouble adjusting to this.

    Brady has high expectartions and Lloyd clearly, VERY CLEARLY was the best FA WR move BB has made since they found Gaffney in October of 2006.

    Ironically, Brady is less accurate and consistent to the perimeter of the field and DEEP than he was in 2006.

    Brady was a better QB in 2006 than he is now. Yep.   Truth.  Some of it might be age, the injury still sits in the back of his mind, etc, but if I am the coach (BB), the OC, the other offenseive coaches, I am in there practicing with the NEW WRs in FA and the draft on perimeter based routes, 10 yards+ downfield over and over in camp, mostly from under center, until everyone is nailing them, even if blindfolded.

    Been a HUGE, huge problem since Brady has overused the shotgun and became spoled with Moss/Welker or then Gronk/Hern/Welker.

    He's all but created this stigma that he has to have two Mosses on the outside or he's not going to even look to the X side of the field.

    Truth. There's a reason why the X position in particular has been an issue.  He doesn't look there much, mostly because Welker gets open so fast, so he doesn't have to. 

    Bad habits are hard to break, but BB is trying to get them to break.

    Definitely true my man. Hopefully they change and go back to a more conventional offense with Brady under center, use the tight ends, run the ball.

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    Re: Steelers did the Patriots a favor.

    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:

    In fact, not once have I seen you or your pathetic pink helmet ilk be critical of Brady. EVER!


    More evidence that you are an imbecile. Many times I and others have admitted Brady has not played well. The difference is, that unlike you we have enough brains to figure out most of those times his lacking paled in comparison to other deficiencies of the team. Learn the game moron.

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    Re: Steelers did the Patriots a favor.

    I wondered why the pats thought 2.5 was a good number. 


    Base Salary
    • The average base salary over three years for an NFL second round draft pick was approximately $2.62 million.

    Signing Bonus
    • The average signing bonus for an NFL 2nd round draft pick in 2011 was approximately $1.65 million.



    Read more: What Does a Second Round NFL Draft Earn? |


    i wonder if that factored into the second round tender offer.