Steelers getting pushed around

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    Re: Steelers getting pushed around

    I don't think Baltimore will make the playoffs.  They finished their regular season on a 1-4 bender, not as if they didn't have something important to defend, people disappeared over the offseason and now lots of teams think they owe Balt something. 

    If Pittsburgh keeps falling apart, that leaves Cincinnati.  Again, I'm not sure if anyone can win the AFC North.  Maybe Seattle could jump ship or something. 

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    Re: Steelers getting pushed around

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    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:


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    Funny, I don't see any one chiming in.



    Oh, but you assured us, many were not chiming in because they agree with you.

    Now that no one has, you don't need them.

    You need them and much more, thus your multiple accounts and multiple bannings.

    Hey, how was it watching Gomer and Welker, Saturday at Duke?  Any pictures?

    Any one who takes you seriously, should never again.  Proof positive of your lies.

    They don't call you the WHOPPER King for nothing.





    It was a joke, you moron!  I was messing with TFB12's raging man crush on Welker, as a way to make him jealous.


    A joke!

    I am not here to impress you, moron. You will do anything to dellect, won't you? Oh my god.

    Leave it up to you to miss the joke with horrendous reading comprehension only to then use that as a way to try to somehow delfect from the bludgeoning I am giving to your buddy RKrap above.


    It's also hilarious that I mention it's RKrap, Hurl, pezzy, etc and right on cue, here they come to the rescue/deflection of RKrap.


    My reading comprehension is just fine.  You said and I quote, "You went to go watch Gomer and Welker throw at Duke".  You lied!  There's nothing more to add to that except that you claim not to be an antagonist in one breath and make up LIES to antagonize another poster in another.  Do you know how sick you are?  We do!

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    Re: Steelers getting pushed around

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    Looks like Steelers are keeping their man


    Steve McLendon gets 3-year deal Updated: April 18, 2013, 2:50 PM ET news services


    The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed nose tackle Steve McLendon, who was a restricted free agent, to a three-year contract, the team announced Thursday.


    League sources tell ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that McLendon's deal has a max value of $7.25 million, including $1.675 guaranteed. He will make $5 million in the first two years.


    McLendon had visited with the Green Bay Packerson Wednesday.


    An undrafted free agent out of Troy in 2009, McLendon is expected to start this season in place of Casey Hampton, who likely won't be back with the team.


    McLendon, 27, played in all 16 games last season, registering seven tackles and two sacks.

    Salary cap hell. Wont have a chance this year