In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

YOU are a homer/fanboy type who apparently also likes men.   That's the difference between you and I.

There are many differences between you and ME.

1.  I know when to use "I" and when to use "me".

2.  I'm not a loser.

3.  I don't need to make homophobic statements to make any points.

4.  If my mommy's brother had season tickets, I wouldn't wear it as a badge of honor.  I would never mention it.

5.  I'm not a secret Jets fan.

6.  I don't get banned...ever.

7.  I don't get caught in flat out lies (which are different than mistakes) all week long.

8.  8.  I forget what eight was for.

9.  I don't spend half of my day backpedaling out of incredibly stupid and brazen statements.

10.  I don't pretend.

The list could go on for another 250 easily, but it is boring to list everything wrong with you.