Steve Maneri only TE tonight . . . what will we see?

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    Re: Steve Maneri only TE tonight . . . what will we see?

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    It's preseason, so it's not a problem to have essentially no TEs on the roster, but I think it will be interesting to see who the Pats put on the field tonight with Steve Maneri (a converted tackle) being their only TE.  


    Will they play Develin at TE?  Or maybe even put a defensive player out there?


    Will they use lots of four receiver sets?  If so, it could give us interesting looks at a lot of the guys competing for spots at that position.


    Do we see some interesting two or even three-back sets?


    I think this will be interesting mostly because it looks like the TE position could be thinner this year than we've seen in a while, and tonight's game might give us a few hints of what Belichick and McDaniels have up their sleeves for the regular season. 

    BB actually does not mind being in these situations. He loves to simmulate stress and adversity in preseason to prepare guys for the seaosn. I assume he either has Develin playing TE,(which he may need to do later) or go with a lot of 2 backs sets and 4 wide sets which we will also see later in the year so BB will use this oppty to give guys more flexibilty and get some reps at other spots so later in the year when called upon, they can draw on their summer experience and its not their "first time" go at it.

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    Re: Steve Maneri only TE tonight . . . what will we see?

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    We are most effective as a spread offense.....period.

    Using two passing backs who are able to flex out and get downfield like a receiver (a la Kevin Faulk) or run effective wheel routes, actually is more a spread concept.  It's just that you are disguising it pre snap.  The defense doesn't know if the two backs will stay in or whether one or both will flex out to one side or both sides of the formation.  For this to work, though, your backs have to be able to double as receivers.  Kevin Faulk did that well and I could see both Vereen and White being able to morph into fairly effective receivers. 



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    Re: Steve Maneri only TE tonight . . . what will we see?

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    Tell that to kyle brady and many others who made a career of it.

    Kyle Brady was a 1st round pick, who in the peak of his career had 64 receptions for 700+ yards. That's hardly comparable to what we have to offer after GRONK.  He was an all around TE that was a threat to catch the ball.


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    Kyle caught 343 balls in 174 games, also known as under 2 per....

    Two receptions per game is significant.  It's a lot more receiving production than you could ever expect to get from an O lineman.  

    Ideally, you want a TE who blocks almost as well as an O lineman and can run routes almost like a WR.  In reality, you usually get guys who are just okay at both, or pretty strong in one and weaker in the other.  Regardless, though, your TE has to do both at least at a reasonable level.  


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    Re: Steve Maneri only TE tonight . . . what will we see?

    Brady was a great blocker. After Graham, he was the best I saw here, since BB took over.

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    Re: Steve Maneri only TE tonight . . . what will we see?

    Now here's a back story on the shortage of Patriots tight ends.  Terrence Miller was all set to be stashed on the Jets' practice squad, but stuff happened." rel="nofollow">

    Without running a single route, Terrence Miller resembles an NFL starter more than any of the other undrafted free agents. At 6'4", 234 pounds, Miller is as much of a small tight end as he is a big wide receiver.

    The good news for Miller is that the Jets are desperate for receiver talent. The bad news is that their desperation drove them to bring in a slew of players, putting several layers of competition in between Miller and a precious roster spot.

    However, if Miller is going to have a prayer of making the final 53, he will need to clean up his drop issues. Miller teased scouts with his size and catching radius, but mind-boggling lapses in concentration led to a rather disappointing senior season at Arizona.

    Miller is actually listed as a tight end on the Jets' depth chart, according to, which adds a layer of intrigue to his chances of making the team.

    If Miller can fix his hands and have a strong training camp, he should put up a fight against backup tight ends Zach Sudfeld and Chris Pantale. His upside makes him a more intriguing prospect than the other two, who already spent time with the Jets last season.

    If nothing else, Miller's size alone may make him worth stashing on the practice squad for development.

    Percentage chance: 15 percent

    In the end, Miller was dumped by the Jets, picked up by the Patriots who probably pointedly ignored his current injury at the time, and then he took a trip via waiver to the Patriots' injured reserve list. 

    Now let's look at the second part of the two-step:  Lets say that BB really needs a half-passable tight end in December.  Miller's injury is well-rested by this time, he knows the playbook and he has a big target radius.  BB spends his one ticket to get a guy off of the IR on Miller, and voila!  The sick/healthy two-step pays off.  Or, maybe BB needs some other position and Miller sits all season. 

    BB doesn't want rookies on the 53 man roster in September, but he wants lots of rooks hovering around the stadium and learning the playbook for a couple of months until they get fair/good, just in case he needs another fair/good body at position X.

    I never found out what Miller's injury was, and maybe the Patriots don't care either.  Maybe he broke his rookie for all I know.  Stories have circulated about people such as Patriots' rookie Jeff Demps faking a phantom injury in the last game of the preseason, so that he could land on injured reserve.

    Send those get-well cards and flowers to the training staff room, Gillette Stadium, 1 Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA 02035