stop looking at the bad

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    stop looking at the bad

    We have been complaining for a while about the misses in the draft.  I think we should look at the hits. Gronk and Hernandez are looking like probowl tight ends.  Vollmer, Soldier and Connon look good on the OL.  Spikes looked like he was coming around until the injury.  Vereen finally showed up.  Edleman looks like a late find.  Deadrick is outplaying Ellis.  McCourdy was looking like he was coming around until the injury.  Chung looks like a future probowler at times.  Mesko is having a great year.  I think we are expecting a lot out of first and second year players.  Parcells used to never start a rookie. 
    I think the jury is still our on Ras I, Price, Brace and Cunningham. 
    Looking at the roster and seeing so many UDFA's is amazing.  That is a sign of good scouting and finding talent for cheap money. 
    Anderson and Carter were two beneath the radar signings.  Great job
    Are there some misses?  Of course.  But overall this organization has done well. 
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    Re: stop looking at the bad

    I think Gronk and Hernandez is saving a lot of people. He has def. provided a legit threat for Brady making his job easier. Also making B.B. look good and forget the bad

    I am happy with Chung, McCourty, I like Ras and even Price , but dont know whats up w/him, but I agree its rehashed too much.

    Even I am guilty and we need to wait on the real test. Playoffs.

    We just complain because we think we they should have gotten the guys we like, and it doesnt always happen.

    I predicted exactly one pick in 10 years and that was Willie Andrews because he was similar to Hobbs, and I knew they liked smallish Cb's. How did that pan

    Def. was a change in philosophy somewhere as for a few years we got Wheatley, Hobbs, Buckely, Wilhite.  All 5'8", 5'9" players and the last couple years we got Ras, McCourty, Bodden, Chad Scott, Springs, etc

    That is my only gripe as to why we were stuck on smurfs for a while. I understand the quick feet thing, but our CB problems should have been solved long ago. Ok, I did it again, sorry.

    I love B.B. and his drafts!!!!
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