We all got it out of our system. No-one wants the Patriots to win more than Coach Belichick.There is enough ESPN analysts having a field day at our expense.Lets not crucify one of our own.We have all made bad decisions, and have been criticized for it.Remember how that felt. It's bad enough he lost the game. BB has brought us 3 Super Bowls and 9 great seasons. This play just might bring the Team together for a Super Bowl run. Hear me out. How many of you would like to see the Players take this Criticism of their Coach personally,just like they did after Spygate, to protect their coach. This game hurts today,but the next 2 games will tell you whether the Pats are going to the Super Bowl. We thrive on Adversity, We Are Patriot Nation. We have been here before under much greater pressure. We just proved last night for almost 4 quarters who the best team in Football is on the Colts home field.Bring on Pitt, The Saints,and especially the Rematchof the Colts or anyone else come playoffs.You must agree when we were dominating the game everyone of you thought we have the Super Bowl Team back.We Patriot Nation have been through much worse than this. I know it is tough right now, but lets Support our coach, just like that Bogus Spygate Bullsh%t.When the going gets tough the weak always criticize the Strong Support . This is only one loss, put it behind us, in two weeks it will be time to make that Hotel reservation in MIAMI. Let's look forward to the Rematch in the AFC Champioship Game.