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Stop Whining

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    Re: Stop Whining

    BB has repeatedly said that need is secondary to value.  Does he adhere to this 100% of the time? Of course not.  But that is the way he does business.  Does the team need a pass rush?  You bet your a-$$ it does.  Clearly, however, he did not feel that he could address that need in this draft without compromising in other areas.  As Parcells and many others who know the NFL well have said often:  every personnel decision you make has consequences. 

    And to the poster who said:  "Yeah, but wait til Sunday, then we're screwed." or words to that effect:  Thanks a lot; I sprayed a mouthful of coffee all over my keyboard when I read that. 

    Great thread, guys.
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    Re: Stop Whining

    I love this draft...they got some key player and again set up for next year