Strong safety

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    Strong safety

    We've been having an ongoing discussion about who BB was going to take in the draft and whether he would add a legit strong safety to his already great FREE safety tandem of Meriwether and Sanders. When Roy Williams was let go I said we still had to address that position and many of you rebuked me saying we wouldn't sign a traditional SS because Bill B considered them to be extinct in the NFL.

    Well here we just resigned Tank Williams again, hopefully to stay healthy this time. BB probably waited to hear how much Roy Williams agent thought he was worth and than signed Tank Williams who is just as good or better for less as long as his knee is rehabbed.

    Anyone want to admit they were wrong or do I have to bump those threads?
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    Strong safety

    I dont think the Pats are looking for a regular SS/FS roles for their starting safeties. Just as they play LCB/RCB they ussually play both safies in basically the same roll, splitting the field. Thus they need both safies to primarily be good in coverage but also solid tacklers. Sanders and Merryweather fit that bill as did Harrison (better on the run stoping but OK vs the pass).

    They should also be looking for someone who can be more of an impact player at that role (sacks, INTs, FFs, etc). Sanders is solid but not an impact player, like Harrison and Merriweather.

    I think a Tank Williams is a situational player only. An 8 in the box big safety for running downs only. Will need to play STs as well. Roy Williams probably is holding out for a starting safety job from someother team.

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    Strong safety

    Wozzy, I don't know what you claim you were right about, but Tank Williams is not being brought in to start at SS. Not even close. He will be a hybrid linebacker/safety in sub packages, just like he was being used in training camp last year before his injury. His signing does nothing to change the starting safety situation whatsoever.
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    Strong safety

    they like the versatility tank provides, a hybrid linebacker-safety, nothing traditional about that. they didn't sign williams, so you are still wrong...they way you search for approval is pathetic
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    Strong safety

    Williams has played his entire career primarily as a starter and he'll play strong safety for us like he always has. Whether he can stay healthy for an entire season is another question entirely, he has been somewhat injury prone over his career but really good when he has been able to stay on the field.

    Bill B doesn't look at players as starters or reserves, but rather the unit as a whole. We needed a strong safety because we didn't have one, just two hard hitting free safeties playing out of position. The PATS sometimes start out the game in a nickel D and sometimes a 4/3; who gets named as the starter on the depth chart in inconsequential.

    I don't doubt one game we may even see all three start a game in a big nickel package, but it doesn't change the fact that BB coveted a strong safety that could cover a tight end this whole time and that those who said I was oh so wrong that we might draft or acquire one were the ones that didn't get it.

    If you're arguing this fact than you were probably one of those people...
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    Strong safety

    The point wasn't whether they would sign Roy Williams or not, but whether they would sign a strong safety or keep Meriweather/Sanders there. Try reading the post first before commenting, maybe even take a peek at the threads in question before responding so you don't make yourself sound petulant and obtuse...

    The strong safety postion is a position with a long standing tradition unless of course you're a pimply faced teen who wasn't around long enough to remember when Rodney Harrison played for the Chargers, Ronnie Lott played for the 49ers etc etc... You must hate it when you're wrong, someone points it out and you have to accuse them of an attention grab.