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    A lot of great Pats fans at the Skins game.  Unfortunately listening to Fan radio on the way home about the the knuckleheads who wore Pats jerseys to a bar to watch the game then ordered buttery nipples made me want to hurl. 

    But I digress, I watched Derrick Burgess almost every snap he played and he's got amazing speed coming from the edge.   If the D accounted for him he didn't have any tricks to get around the big defenders.  If they didn't, Campbell was in trouble.  I didn't see them run towards him and was somewhat surprised they didn't.    

    Realizing this was only a vanilla D preseason game, it still made me wonder if this defense should and could stunt?  The Pats have had a lot of trouble in the past with teams that stunt and Brady's current shoulder is the result of one.

    I can't remember if BB has ever used stunts in past years?  This 4-3 is intriguing

    and with Burgess and Tully maybe it's time to get more creative? 

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    Re: Stunts

    You mean if the O accounted for him, Burgess didn't have any tricks to get around big offensive linemen?