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Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    In response to mthurl's comment:

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    In response to mthurl's comment:

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    Look who stopped in, folks. Phat Rex and Mt Hurlie, both absolute LOSERS deluxe pretending they're insecurities don't show up here.  LMAO

    Hmm, we know Phat Rex has no friends and Hurlie aligns with Phat Rex. Isn't that interesting.

    I'll take your lack of a retort being exposed beyond belief here as embarrassment as to what this documentary just did to you, and the Mazz morons who have been dominating these boards here for 3 years.

    You and Phat Rex, Babe Parilli, should send the producers at NFL Network an email and tell them that they're liars and have no friends, dipzhit.



    So what you're saying is, it hurts your feelings when people leave while you head into the bathroom? Lol. No really - so what you're saying is I shouldn't watch the show because it might embarrass me and Tony Mazzorati? Why? And who is phat rex? That one of your "buds" from the office that doesn't tell you when everyone is getting together for a drink after work?

    Listen, I think we're all past the whole "Rusty is a salary cap expert and I really understand what I'm seeing when I watch a football game" thing. Stick to spell checking (you're not half bad). Just don't talk football or try to pretend you know why we win or lose games, because that's when it gets embarrassing for you:(

    So what I'll do is watch the show and then decide if it embarrasses me. You should try that approach before you tell us how good our 4th string outside linebacker is - remember Markell Carter? Did you not soil yourself about his play when you found out that they paid him a little extra to stay on the practice squad? I remember betting you that I'd leave this board for good if he ever made it onto this team. Why would I do such a thing? Because I've seen him play and I know his feet look like they are cast in cement.

    Hey could you run a quick spell checky over this for me?

    No, what I am saying is we all think you're a moron for thinking there is no cap and that BB and his cohorts in Cleveland didn't clean house and basically invent how to manage the capp effectively for sustained periods, passing on that approach to a myriad of current GMs and other coaches or scouts in this league.

    Hey, could you please sign up for a college course this weekend that doesn't have to do with baking cakes?

    I love how you don't deny you're a Home Economics teacher.  Talk about embarrassing. What do you think you make a year, Hurlie?  40K? Pretty pathetic for a 50 year old pink hat.

    I've forgotten more football in my left pinkie than you could ever dream to have.  We look forward to your upcoming comments when you praise a Brady INT and then act like it was the D's fault again. lol

    Could you name a single player on that roster without googling it? 

    VINNY! And Byner at rb and Tupa right before he went to the Pats..thats all I got

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    The Steelers had to walk away from a many key players in recent years to do that and it will cost them.

    Are you seriously this dumb?

    Watch the documentary, you ignorant moron.

    You're a joke - the Steelers lost old players they had no intention of resigning. Hey, if Brady throws a pick this weekend are you going to start your "trade Brady and start the Mallett revolution" chants again?

    And admit, you have no clue what so ever about the Cleveland Browns. When we hired Belichick as our secondary coach in 95 you had no clue who he even was - I was doing back flips when they got him. When Parcells walked, I thought it was the biggest mistake in the world not hiring this guy. I remember Kraft driving out of the stadium with him the day after the Parcells departure - they were in Kraft's Lexus es400 - and I thought...yes!!! They are going to hire him! And then Pete Carroll walks through the door. You probably loved pistol pete, didn't you?

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    I had no idea who Belichick was, as Parcells's Def Coordinator carried off the field agaisnt the 49ers in that 1987 playoff game, as I wondered who that was and why wasn't it Parcells?

    Really? Gee, you'll really go for some real desperate comments to pretend you somehow have a leg to stand on at this point. My god. Quit while you're ahead. Why not go watch the documentary?  Are you this dumb lecturing the people who learned some MORE things about BB's genius which started when he gained control of a team 20 years ago? Yet, you bash him now?  LOSER

    I hate Pete Carroll! Rah-Rah west coast tool loser who will never win in the NFL. He's like a Rex Ryan.

    Will not work.

    Who do you think you are telling us you were "doing back flips" for a defensive coach like that when you are so obssessed with apologizing for our AWFUl offenses in SB 42 and 46?

    The irony.

    You're like Mitt Romney pretending he'll stop China from "cheating" as his entire professional business career was about outsourcing with Bain Capital.  Don't lie, because you'll get caught.  At least have the stones to admit it.


    Who am I to be doing back flips for Belichick (a defensive coach) when I'm such a fan of the offense? Well first off I'm a fan of the team - it just so happens that our offense is better than our defense. In the past I tried with all my might to route for Tully Banta Cain, Ron Brace, Butler, Chung...and I still do, but they aren't very good players. I don't blame Belichick - it's just bad luck - it happens in drafting. That is the draft, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    The thing that bothers me is free agency - when a Red Bryant is sitting in front of your desk and you low ball him and end up with Fenene...that's a problem. When Dashon Goldson flies across the country to visit as a free agent (but you don't offer enough) and end up with one of the worst safety combinations in the league...that's not good.

    This is what I think is hurting us and is going to bite us again this year, because although we are a good team, the Giants prove we aren't elite. We left 7 million to spend on our salary cap last season and we have left 7 million on it again this season. Why is that a good thing, when we could/should of had better players at positions of need?

    If it's third and 7 in the playoffs this season, who would you rather have out there? Dashon Goldson and Red Bryant or Fenene and Steven Gregory? How is that 14 million in extra cap space going to help as the ball sails over Gregory's head from the hands of the QB that never had to worry about being hit?

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    Ferentz, Hill, Saban......I haven't seen that many future successful coaches in the same room....maybe ever....and Belichick obviously influenced Ozzie Newsome.  And yeah Modell is more of  a dirtbag than Irsay.

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    I think it was official a couple of months back that you are considered a moron (and truthfully it was probably years ago). many times do we need to go over this with you? Just because a guy is "starting" does make him a good player (see Maroney, Merriweather). Patrick Chung has had 4 years to learn how to play in space - he hasn't done it yet - that is a career in many instances. He is not big enough to handle a physical breed of football and he will most likely not be resigned next season. No one is asking him to be Rodney Harrison. As for Goldson, he visited two teams during that time he was available - we had him in town and we didn't offer enough. Not really sure what this has to do with Landry.

    Listen everyone knows Chung loves football and seams to be a nice fellow, he's just no more than average. Watch him in coverage, he is slow to react to everything, the spaces he leaves open in zones are huge and when he is in position he is too small to make the play against a lot of tight ends. That's what safeties are supposed to be able to do...cover tight ends. And please don't mention how he "shut down Antonio Gates" last year - Gates was playing on one leg and wasn't able to play for three weeks after.

    This is what you need to do - watch a game at a bar and sit next to someone that can hold your hand and explain the game of football to might help you. Although I doubt it. And what ever you do don't start mentioning the impending doom that will be brought upon NFL teams and owners from the uncertanty of an NFL lockout!! And yeah, you may not want to mention how you wanted the team to trade Tom Brady after the Cardinal's game and start Mallett. That would be dumb too.

    That's all I got for today - I got to go mow the lawn and take the kids to birthday parties, etc. Could you run a quicky spell checky over this if you got time? 

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    It must be hard to sleep at night PhatRex, knowing you have Tenebaum up there jerking your team around in hopes he finds some of those notes from BB in Cleveland.

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    Chung is not a FS. Learn the game. No one expects a SS to be "good in coverage". Seen Polamalu cover? He's terrible. A total loose cannon who gambles constantly. But, the media doesn't hate the Steelers and their coach, so you wouldn't know that, would you?


    How's Mike Wallace doing?  Can he run more than 4 routes yet? lmao

    I like to call simpleton fans like you, fans with big eyes. You like the highlight reel on ESPN as a way to make you feel good. lmao

    If BB chose to use Chung more around the line in this defense, more aggressively, you'd see a version of a Polamalu type.

    You seem to need media hype to feel sure of yourself for positive analysis towards, literally ANY Pats defender. Apparently, now, Wilfork is overrated (new topic this year for the Bradyites), and we suppose Kyle Love stinks, too. The only people you feel secure to publicly like on D are the ones who are immediately considered good (see Chandler Jones).

    You underrate literally every player on the defense because the media hasn't given you the go ahead to praise them.  So obvious.  You do this because you've taken the anti-BB bait that the anti-BB media has set out there.  What's ironic is, you give Brady all these passes in these big games, JUST like the media does. Hmm.  See a pattern here? Josef Goebbels did. It's called propaganda. Say it enough, read it enough, believe it enough. 

    We've seen your IQ on display here. You're a small town moron who never left home and it shows.

    You're a pink hat, bandwagon fan, without question. And you're spoiled like every other pink hat who joined this party when the Pats won their first SB.

    It's beyond hiarious that you think you know more than BB as a GM and defensive minded coach.  Hilarious to all of us who have seen Tom Brady underperform in recent postseasons, to boot.



    Yeah Polamalu just stinks!! LOL!

    So basically what you're saying is that if Belichick used Chung like Polamalu was used, we'd have our very own Polamalu!! It must be Belichick's fault then? Boy he just has never been able to put players in positions that suite their strengths. LOL!!

    You really can't make this stuff up folks. Rusty, I need to start giving you more are hillarious!! I really have no idea why you have no friends because you are a funny guy.

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    Good thread Russ. This further proves the theory that as BB the GM has been robbed of his coaching/front office staff it became more difficult to win SB's. Team building, player development is the most important aspect of winning football games. We have sufferred in the biggest games because of a lack of mental toughness which is no doubt a direct result of losing your cohesion of your staff.

    Young coaches have had the most negative impact on our dynasty the last 7 years, not young players. Talent is fine and dandy but if you cannot develop players at each position as well as you could in the past then you are behind the 8 ball.

    This is why I argue with fans who think BB hasn't drafted well, or we miss out on talent. Talent is only potential to be good. Coaching and developing players properely is what brings that talent out. BB built the blue print, and the rest of the league is trying to duplicate it. What better way then hiring away every guy that has worked under this man for the past 20 years.


    Luckily coach Scar is happy where he is and we will always have a top 5 O-line!!! LOL

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    In response to DelGriffith's comment:

    "When I won in 2000, I owe a lot of that to Bill Belichick." - Ozzie Newsome

    Phat Rex/Mangione absolutely embarrassed.  Exposed and embarrassed. How many times has he sat on here mocking me for the facts I've talked about in terms of what BB did in Cleveland?

    Also, one of the more standout aspect :  BB set up Balitmore with TWO 1st rd picks in the 1996 draft by trading out in 1995.  LOL!  Classic BB.  Ogden and then Ray Lewis were taken.

    Modell wanted Lawrence Phillips over Ogden and Newsome remembered that BB said to "stick to the board".  Classic.

    I feel sorry for people like Mt Hurl as well. He's been busy reading books about Ron Wolf, a guy who never built really anything remotely close to what BB did in New England.

    HUrl and his ilk have this odd disdain for BB as a GM, bashing him and his decisions merclilessly and this just proves how ignorant he, Babe Parilli and his ilk have been for so long.

    These trolls and/or Pats fan poseurs must come forward.



    The people that say that BB was bad in Cleveland are right up there with those who think the Patriots won because of spygate. BB was a great coach in Cleveland, I wanted Kraft to hire Belichick when he hired Pete Carrol. The Browns would have been a dynasty had they only built the stadium.

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    Re: Suprised No Thread on Cleveland '95: A Football Life

    In response to PhatRex's comment:

    "When I left New England to go dominate at the college level, I owe a lot of that to Bill Belichick ." - Charlie Weis

    Stop being a buffoon. Watch the documentary and see for yourself how much respect and admiration all of these guys have for BB. The quote from the woman at the end was a good one as well as Ozzie's owing a lot to BB.

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