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    I agree BB has to be held accountable, which I have said before.  But, most of it is tied O'Brien and Brady. Or, if BRady really controls O'Brien too much, it's on Brady, mostly. There's two things: 1. Gameplanning 2. Gamecalling/adjusting Number 2 is more so on O'Brien and Brady. Agreed?  I have said this for a while now, but I believe Brady leads the gameplanning, not BB or O'Brien. I think Brady takes 70% of it, BB approves or challenges it, O'Brien has little power and the rest is what we see on gameday. If that is generally the case, which I believe it is, especially after the clear strategy change after the Buffalo debacle for TWO STRAIGHT games (Oak and NYJs best gameplans of year), and then back to Dallas with the BRady shotgun spread dominating.... Why does the base go back to itself again? I get there are certain teams you want to spread out, but the only way it works is against a team that plays mostly zone.  Once Dallas started clamoring to surround Welker and Gronk in man, Ochocinoc is off the field, we don't BJGE or anyone in the first half, why is BRady doing that? Why are we running a shotgun/spread base? So, if Dallas is in man in that game, just like Pitt and NYGs, why is BRady calling tshotgun spreads, usually with empty backfields and why are seeing Woodhead subbed in for BJGE? That's the issue. That's not BB. Belichick doesn't stand there ordering O'Brien andki BRady to do that. He's over there talking to the D, etc. You're jumping through hoops to pretend Belichick is an offensive mind and BRady is some 2nd year QB. It's just not true. I can't keep giving you and other the same obvious examples over and over again. I also don't expect BB to mircomanage every drive. Ludicrous excuse. I think Brady and O'Brien get carte blanche to do what they feel is best.  O'Brien sends in two shotgun calls per snap, ignores the run because calls for it, and voila, we lose. Answer this: Who do you think reined BRady in aftert the Buffalo game? Brady himself?
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    I am not talking about micromanaging every drive. I am asking how O'Brien got promoted to OC in the first place. Obviously, BB was happy with the gamecalling last year and thought O'Brien deserved more NOT LESS power. That is on BB. If a boss puts some one in a job they are not capable of doing, it is on the boss. You don't think there are plenty of experienced coaches willing to come coach under Belichick?

    As far as Brady being 70% responsible for the gamecalling, I think that is insane. Again, if that is true, it is a failure on BB's part. This is a guy who had no problem running Kosar out of Cleveland or leaving Brady as the starter in '01 when Bledsoe was healthy (there was hardly a consensus back then that Brady should keep the job). Now, he is suddenly beholden to Brady and is letting him draw up gameplans and call plays at the expense of the team winning? If that is true, it is a major failure on the part of the Head Coach and GM.

    I know that Brady is an experienced QB, I am sure he is in gameplanning meetings, and has some say. I know that BB is a defense first coach, but he has been in the NFL for 36 years. How can it be so obvious to you what is wrong with this offense and it not to him? Like I said, if he is giving a player and inexperienced coach that much power, then he needs to take a good portion of the blame.
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