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Take the draft away from BB

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    Re: Take the draft away from BB

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    I like how jader posted and then ran from this thread knowing full well he had pushed the envelope of sheer idiocy and couldn't possibly defend his incoherent babbling.  I love this "Super Bowl should have been ours" junk.  Heard of parity? What makes your needs as a fan so special, so much more important than Packers fans? Steelers fans?  Ignore.
    Posted by BostonTrollSpanker

    Hey Troll Spanker,

    It's amazing in that Jader posted this drivel and hasn't posted a response. He's just another week kneed troll, moron, idiot or whatever. We need to ignore him. Maybe he'll move to Siberia and root for the Penguins, and not the Pittsburg Penquins either.
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    Re: Take the draft away from BB

    Bobby Grier - yes I miss the glory days of his picks and player support. He was crap before Parcells came in and crap after he left and chose his own guys he liked over Pete Carrol's choices.

    BB got lucky that Grier was pushed out the door and Kraft gave him control. Otherwise we would not have picked Brady, Light, Seymour etc..

    BB knew what he was getting from the Parcells years when he returned and only had to sift through the horrible Grier / Carrol guys to shape this team.

    jader probably wants Tony Eason back as well.... heck if Denver can bring back Elway to relive the glory days, why not bring back Eason in that same capacity?