Talib coming in early and leaving late to learn system

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    Re: Talib coming in early and leaving late to learn system

    In response to TripleOG's comment:

    Less is More in this case. Show the kid the weight room and tell em to be at Gillete by noon!

    On a serious note. If this addition doesnt also come with a change of philosophy(more agressive play, bump n run, and less passive play, soft cover 2 zone) then he will not do anything other than s*ck like the rest of them. I mean he is a man to man guy like Ras who couldnt even see the field when he was healthy this year because of lack of instincts in zone coverage so if they didnt switch it up to suit "Their" guy in Ras I, I dont see them doing it now unless they realize they are desperate in change it up going forward but judging by what I saw last week.....IDk


    Lets hope we see more aggressive play like we saw in London. Like Troy Brown said. You cant get any worse playing the way weve seen already so why not switch it up. Im not talking overhaul, but maybe blitzing more than 5 % of the game

    I agree. If they continue to play soft it doesn't matter who's back there. You could have Revis and Webb playing back there and the results would be the same if they stand back and leave guys wide open. Maybe adding Talib will make BB feel more comfortable adding pressure instead of playing it safe all of the time.

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    Re: Talib coming in early and leaving late to learn system

    In response to Tomhab's comment:

    Rusty, by the time you get to the SB you are going to meet a Great team, it doesn't matter if you score 30 point a game all season, you are now playing one of the best Defenses in the league.  If we had played NO or GB instead of NY it would have been a shoot out, but not the way the Giants were playing last year or in 07.  In both of those game Mr. Brady gave us a lead inside the 2 minute warning and the D couldn't hang on.  Stop Whining about the Offense, it's getting old!  Hater!!!

    Tomhab, I realise you were responding to Neil Page but look at the other side of the coin. The Giants were also playing a great team. Tom Brady was having a record breaking day against that so-called great defense of the Giants giving the Patriots a 17-9 lead early in the 3rd quarter. The Patriots defense was giving up long drives but holding the Giants to field goals. Brady and the Patriots offense didn't score again.

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    Re: Talib coming in early and leaving late to learn system

    In response to Neal Page's comment:


    You seem to be a pink hat. An "abject failure"? What is the Jets D, then?  A success? Botching picks, trading them, no player development, not drafting character and IQ, overpaying primadonna FAs, is the way to go, huh? Is it?

    How is flipping an old D into a new and ascending D (the youngest in the league with some exciting players on it) within 3 drafts, an "abject failure"?

    You're an irrational pink hat who apparently doesn't get that a salary cap in 2009 is now the same level as it was then.  Without knowledge of the CBA going into 2011, how can you expect any GM to be perfect?

    There isn't one GM who has been more ingenius in the last 3 years in this league with trades, using the PS, developing UDFAs, cultivating draft picks, etc, than BB.   He's upped the odds and clearly put this team into incredible position now and in the future.

    He most absolutely HAS NOT had more "busts" than anyone. Not even close. He concedes that a 100% yield in every draft is impossible, so he doubles his picks per round as much as possible.  Is this that hard for your immature ilk to wrap your head around?   That's the whole point!  The draft is a crapshoot, so he adds numbers in picks in order to bettter the draft.

    Not one team in this lague has had a better talent yield since 2010 than this one. Not one.  Go look at the yields, kiddie.

    Please list your top 5 GMS in this league in the last 3 or 4 years and state the reasons as to why.

    Finally, this argument about where someone went to college and why they can't be a good coach here is pathetic and childish.    McDaniels went to John Carroll University.  Fred Jackson is a nice back in this league and went to some Div II crap school.  That argument is so weak.

    It's very likely BB doesn't go out and solicit veteran coordinators, especially on offense, because Brady runs the offense here and has for years. On defense, Patricia is clearly better than Dean Pees.

    There is nothing embarrassing whatsoever about the best coach in NFL history, one fo the best GMs ever, arguably the best ever due to the cap era, and what we're witnessing. Your whiny little commentary is what is embarrassing.

    90% of NFL fanbases are shaking their head at your comments.

    I know this post was not aimed at me, but when I read your stuff sometimes I cannot bite my tongue.

    I don't understand why everything turns into a comparison to the Jets. I totally agree their team, their defense, everything about the is a crudshow right now, but that has nothing to do with the Patriots. 

    I also agree that too many people obsess over the "misses" in the draft, but you this team has definitely had trouble drafting and developing defensive back and wide receivers over the past few years. I think the job the have done on OL and the front seven on defense has been among the best in the NFL. The problem is when you keep missing at the same position: Wheatley, Butler, McCourty's regression, etc. It is hard to ignore.

    I do not think that he is a "terrible GM", but I would say the list has to start with guys like Kevin Colbert (I mean he has won two Super Bowls with two different coaches since the last time BB won one). I think Ted Thompson does a good job in Green Bay and throw in Jerry Reese of the NYG (he both also has two Lombardi trophies since BB's last).

    As for the coaching staff, I do not care where the coaches played or started their coaching careers. My problem is that most of the guys have little to no experience before the come to the Patriots and major rise to being position coaches and even coordinators for this team. As a result, all the know is what BB has taught them and they are beholden to him for their careers. You need more that one idea in the room making gameplan decisions. I am not in the room, so I cannot tell you what it is really like, but by most accounts, the coaching staff is a collection of yes men who idolize BB.

    I am still no sold on McDaniels as an OC. After what he did in St. Louis last year, it is hard to figure out how clever he really is.

    I am even less sold on Patricia. You say, "Patricia is clearly better than Dean Pees", but where is the evidence. Has the defense improved since he took over? Meanwhile, Baltimore is still playing pretty good defense under Pees despite only having three guys who have managed to start every game (they are actually giving up slightly fewer points per game than the Pats).

    I agree that BB is one of the best coaches (I still think Joe Gibbs three Super Bowl Championships over a ten year span with three different QBs might be the most underrated coaching performance in the history of the NFL), but most of BB's resume is based on the four year period that began 11 years ago and ended 7 years ago. Since then, they have piled up regular season victories and stats and underperformed when it really counted. 

    If he is the greatest coach and (arguably) the greatest GM in the history of the NFL (as you said), why since the team has truly became his (the 2004 defense still had four starters McGinest, Johnson, Bruschi and Law - not to mention key offensive players like Faulk and Troy Brown - that predated BB) and since his experienced coordinators (Weis and Crennel) left have there been no more championships. 

    Obviously, since 2004, each year some team has done a better job either assembling their roster or coaching their players.

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