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I believe both teams have to sanction the notion of playing overseas prior to the NFL scheduling the game in London? I imagine Tampa Bay will receive additional concessions as they are the ones giving up the home game..? Having been the past 2 seasons to the games at Wembley (and am going again this sunday), I can tell you that the most popular jersey worn were Pats jerseys - and they weren't even playing? I would expect at least 70% of the crowd to be pro Patriots this weekend. It has nothing to do with "New vs Old England" at all - rather, as Brits have been turned on to the NFL in the past 10 years it has been the Pats that have been the model franchise with no small amount of success along the way? Bandwagon jumpers they may be, but this will feel like a home game for the Pats, not least as nobody gives a damn about the Bucs..? It's similar to why Manchester United have so many fans from outside of Manchester - the majority of their fans are "glory boys" in my opinion... This game sold out in 6 minutes - not bad for over 80,000 tickets - such is the clamour over seeing the Pats. As long as these games keep selling out, I'm sure the NFL will want to keep pushing their product over here. I don't know how long that will last, but I'm over the moon that it's brought the Patriots over here this year. I can't wait - it's been 2 years since my last Pats game and my old (i.e. pre-2001 lighter blue) Ted Johnson jersey will be worn with pride. (By the way - no bandwagon jumping from me. I used to live in Boston from 1995 - 2002.)
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If this is the case make sure you let the Pats fans know to be nice and loud when Tampa has the ball, especially on third downs.