Tannenbaum fired Rex to stay

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    Re: Tannenbaum fired Rex to stay

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    Why wouldn't it be a "dream job" for the incoming GM?  They've got no place to go but up.  A new GM would need some time, as I believe the Jets are having cap issues, and we all know they got QB issues.  And, if memory serves, I believe they'll have draft issues coming up.  But consider, if they win 8 games next year, it's an improvement - heck, if can go .500 in the division it's a step in the right direction.  They have some decent players coming back, the D hasn't stunk up the joint - so this off-season, they'll need to do what they've needed to do for some time - take the cap hit, suck it up, get a decent QB, stay committed to improving the offense, and understand it may take 2-3  years to dig themselves out of a hole.

    The Jets represent a stark contrast to how good organizations are built, and in this era, on the fly.  The Pats may not have won a SB recently, but they've remained near-constant playoff caliber while rebuilding.  Pretty impressive stuff.

    In the end if you look at what made the Jets successful in Ryan's first two seasons it was predicated on a clock management. They had one of the best defenses in the last decade and a strong running game. Sanchez was only asked not to lose the game. Name last team that won the Super Bowl using that formula. The 2000 Ravens or the 2001 Patriots are two that come to mind. however given the new rule changes and since the enforcement of downfield contact. Since then the game has evolved and I'm not sure that Ryan is capable of hiring and allowing an offensive coordinator to implement a system other then his ground and pound conservative approach...in the end my feeling is that like his father his ego simply won't allow him to concede that it's about scoring more than the other team and not about giving up the least amount of yards from scrimmage and winning 13 to 10 every week. That's not to belittle the importance of having a good defense...however in a league that places a premium on scoring, unless he can somehow channel his dads 85 bears...to me the first order of business for him and the new GM should be to look long and hard at Ryan's control over the offensive game planning and bring in a coordinator that can help him to implement an offense that makes teams defend the entire field and not just load up between the tackles...

    My hope is that they never figure it out and it takes another decade or two for them to be competitive....



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    Re: Tannenbaum fired Rex to stay

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    Here's the issue with Pioli:

    Haley wasn't his guy, so obviously he had to fire him. So, he lost a year right there.  Crennel was brought in simply because he didn't have anyone/no one wanted the job.

    With a much larger pool to choose from now, he should get who he wants.

    Personally, if Reid doesn't go to Cleveland, A Pioli/Reid match would be fantastic for them.  Reid is used to having some GM responsibilites with Roseman in Philly, and Pioli is used to deferring to BB.

    BB and Reid are buddies.  I can see that happening. That's when you then judge Pioli in KC.  Who cares what the media thinks?  The media hates BB too. I almost see that as a good thing, at this point. The media loves Rex. Why? He gives them copy. How good did that work?

    Pioli is a GM and is a behind the scenes guy anyway. No fan or mediahead should care about the personality or appearance of a GM.  That's ridiculous logic.

    Comparing that to the Jets isn't close.  Tannenbum and Rex have had 4 years to progreess and the regressed so badly, it's beyond comical. It's almost like they tried to sabotage it. Every choice they made was literally the wrong one.

    I respectfully disagree...Pioli has had more than enough time to prove his worth...the chief's have regressed under his stewardship. His first mistake was trading for Cassel. Secondly, and most important Pioli's and the Chief's owner need to figure out who they are and that starts with hiring a head coach that has the ability to implement the teams phlyoshies and  hire a coaching staff to execute the plan. Pioli's job then is to manage the cap and fill the roster with players that fit within the teams philosophy. 

    I do agree that hiring Ried makes sense...the bigger question is why did it take him four years to figure out that his success and that of the franchise is hiring a football guy to run the football program. More to the point, is that if you look at the franchises that have had sustained success each has done so because they don't change their organizational philosophy based on the head coach...they hire head coaches that fit their organizations profile, then go about the business of building rosters with players that fit the system....

    I like Reid, but he is about as far away from the Belichick type of philosophy as you can get. I mean this guy tells the media exactly what the injuries are to players and how long they'll be out. You think Pioli will stand for that? Reid will sit there and talk with the media and be way too forthcoming on a daily basis...I can't see a guy his age dramatically changing at this point. His players quit on him last season - this wasn't a case of them not having the talent, this was a case of a coach not getting his players to play for him. I don't know, maybe that would all change in a new organization?

    Yeah, Reid's a little too honest in that area, but he's such a steady coach, has great experience and the players play hard for him. If that's his major flaw, so be it. 

    Barring Philly scoring big for a Gruden or someone like that, they'll end up missing him until they can get themselves back together there. Tons of bad contracts in Philly and now a QB problem with a young Foles.

    Reid got desperate after missing on Kolb and going for Vick. It was obviously the downfall, but overall in the big picture, he's a quality NFL coach who just needs a change of scenery.

    I feel it's a perfect match.  Reid is an offensive guy and might be able to help Cassel. Yes, I know it's popular to pretend Cassel stinks, but he doesn't. What he did in 2010 was real, 2011 all his weapons were hurt, and this past year with another new OC, Daboll, just didn't work. They need a LT and to move Albert to LG where he belongs. Let Bowe go and get a guy who can catch on the perimeter.  Maybe a Brian Hartline and a Greg Jennings to go with Moeaki.  They have McCluster for the slot in the middle as well. Moeaki is basically Hernandez.

    They have nice talent there. They really do. They just need a steady hand to guide the ship. Another solid draft from Pioli and another good FA move or two, and they're in it.

    All Reid needs is someone like Roseman like he had in Philly. Barring Reid not liking Pioli/wanting full power, which is possible, it's a good match.


    I can agree on Reid, but I can't on Cassel. To me he's just too inconsistent in his accuracy to be anything but a backup. He doesn't have the strongest arm either - it's tough to be successful when you're missing both. I'm not saying he's wildly inaccurate, but he will miss a bit too much. He's smart and he's athletic, but we're not talking about rg3 here. Yeah he can give you a hot stretch, but there were times this year this guy couldn't hit the broad side of a barn...sooner or later it doesn't matter how much a coordinator sets up easy/high percentage throws for you...you have to hit a deep out. 

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    Re: Tannenbaum fired Rex to stay

    where did jetmangione go anyways? he told me that the jets would advance farther in the playoffs than the patriots this year....

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    Re: Tannenbaum fired Rex to stay

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    Hey Philski, I figured as much.  Do you have a link, though?

    I saw it on mike and mike. Sorry. 

    hey philski where are teh 20 posters for reaming you for not having a link for something you saw (or heard). quite the board....

    wish they kept him wanted to see more incompetence

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    Re: Tannenbaum fired Rex to stay

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    glad they keep Rex.  They will continue to ruin themselves. 

         Not so fast: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/jets/after_years_of_drama_comedy_pardoned_5oNnh6CJw8xbdIgGPs4xpI

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    Re: Tannenbaum fired Rex to stay

    The ny press is tough.  I'm figuring that they will make Rex eran is 6 m then let him go.  I kind of feel bad for the guy

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