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Tavon Wilson S

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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

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    In Response to Re: Tavon Wilson S : Wrong.  Teams are limited to 30 pre-draft visits from potential draftees.  The fact that SEVEN teams used one of those precious 30 visits on Wilson shows there was more interest than "7th round/UDFA."
    Posted by MattC05

    As stated, the Pats rarely pick someone whom they had in for a visit.  They waste their "precious" 30 visits all the time (for example, Wilson did not visit and I don't believe any of the 4 players drafted thus far came in for a visit).  Visits seem to be used more as a smokescreen than anything else.
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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

    Solid pick, BB is still the smartest guy in the room! During 2007, his senior yr in HS, Wilson played both sides of the ball, caught 48 passes for 958 yds and 10 TD's. Additionally, he was a stalwart on D and 2 of his 9 int's were run back for TD's. Good size, 6', 205, 81 tackles in 2011 for Illinois. A versatile kid, I'd start him at S over the other stiffs he'll be competing against, Brown, Ventrone et al. OL, CB  and RB needs will be addresssed w/trades, UDFA's and FA's. Great draft, A+.  
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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

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    In Response to Re: Tavon Wilson S : What did you expect BB to say......yea we really reached on this kid, terrible player who we could have had in the 7th?  Of course he's going to defend his pick.  Two years from now when the kid is released BB will just say it didn't work out and act the same as cutting an UDFA and not mention he was the 48th pick
    Posted by sfpat

    This is not unique to BB, this is the way the NFL operates and the art and entertainment fields as well. Value is hard to quantify, more things fail than succeed. We all want gaurantees for our money, there are none!
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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

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    So, the fact that 7 out of 960 visits were used on one guy justifies him being drafted 150 slots ahead of his talent level?  
    Posted by JetMangione


    Some do not like your appearance on this board, I think it adds something. I welcome the controversy you bring. 

    Simply put: Talent is hard to quantify; there are no gaurantee's and right now no one can say if Wilson is a good choice or not. But, I am glad BB is coaching NE. His choices are unpredictable at times but in the end he has stewarded the franchise well. I am proud of the way he has developed players and team chemistry to be formidable year after year. 

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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

    OK, I understand the argument that says "they could have gotten this guy much later in the draft."'s being reported today that 7 teams had him in for workouts recently, so you never know what their draft boards looked like--maybe one of them was planning on taking him in the 3rd or 4th round.

    The thing to remember is that the "draftniks" like Kiper (who I hate) and Mayock (who I respect) only can focus on the most "visible" guys--that is, the guys who go to the combine and the all star games.

    So this Wilson kid wasn't invited to any of the all star games? What does that mean, really? He was a two-time All Big Ten Honorable Mention player, so why, then, was he not invited to the AS games and the combine? It seems more like an oversight than anything else. Was Tom Brady voted All Big Ten or even All Big Ten honorable mention in 1999? He was invited to the combine, but why? It's all subjective.

    This guy may turn out to be a bust, for sure, but it's important not to hyperventillate over a pick just because some draftniks don't know much about the kid, or don't rate him very highly.

    I'd remind everyone that Hall-of-Famer Jon Randle and All Pro James Harrison are just two examples in the last 15+ years of guys who went completely undrafted.

    So you just never know--I certainly wouldn't put too much stock in what the draftniks says.

    This kid Wilson played in 50 games over 4 years at a major college program in a major conference---Belichick and crew know plenty about him that we don't.
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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

    My take is Who is Mel Kiper? I know BB does things for a reason. More often than not he's right. He's earned my respect so I don't second guess him. Our defense by week 8 is going to be one of the best in the league. Our offense is going to be better than last year. 

    Now we jut got to win some games and between BB and TB they've done a lot of that for a long time. 
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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

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    Some of the posts I've read in this thread included phrases such as: 'ruined the draft' 'horrible pick' 'was BB drunk' 'guy's a clown' 'could have been had much later' 'no one else had him anywhere near this high' 'wasted pick' and the whining and second-guessing go on and on. No disrespect to anyone because you've certainly got a right to your opinions and this board is the place to voice 'em, but I'll take BB's judgment over all of yours collectively 1,000 times out of 1,000.  Before labeling the kid a complete bust perhaps we should see him play.
    Posted by ATJ

    I'm blown away at how many posters that (usually) seem pretty knowledgable are ready to jump off the Tobin over a pick they think is bad. Pretty sure the last time I checked, that Bill knows 100 times more about football than this entire board combined. It just sounds kind of ridiculous when people come off as if they know more than BB. Give it rest already....and lets see this kid play.
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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

    "Andre Ware will be the quarterback of the 1990s" -- Mel Kiper after Detroit selected Ware in the top 10 of the 1990 draft.

    That's really all you need to know folks.

    It's a crapshoot of a process, and the draftniks are wrong more often than they are right.

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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

    Not sure if anyone's posted this link before, but this may explain BB's interest in this guy.  We've lacked leadership in the secondary since Harrison left.  Lots of communication problems, lots of guys not sure what to do.  While Harrison's hard hitting was a huge plus, his greatest value in the secondary was his intelligence and his ability to keep the rest of the guys doing the right things.  Is that what BB is hoping for from this Wilson kid?  If he turns out to be the leader they need, then this pick will turn out to be a brilliant one. 

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    Re: Tavon Wilson S

    For what it's worth, here's what says about Wilson.

    4/25/12: Wilson played well in 2011 for Illinois. He had 81 tackles with 6.5 tackles for a loss, one sack, one interception, one forced fumble and five passes broken up. Wilson is a good athlete and could be a quality sleeper/developmental prospect. He has quality instincts. Wilson didn't participate in the Combine. He has received a lot of interest and took a number of pre-draft visits. 

    Walt has him as the #8 Safety in the draft, and a projected 4th-5th round pick.  So all experts aren't completely down on him.  Not a huge fan of the pick, but I'll give BB the benefit of the doubt on this one.