Anyone see CASPORTSFAN, maybe hes looking for the Chargers ballz. Seriously your most complete team in 25 years, stud QB, a rec. corp that has as much talent as any team including tight end. Their D wasnt great by any means, but was complete, yea the pass rush was weak, but as a whole their secondary, backers, and front were all playing good enough to go pretty far. And lets not forget about that swinging richard Norv Turner, what a rock he is LOL. Its hard taking shots when our team just got bent over and drilled for 60 minutes last week, but this might have been our worst team in 10 years. Nobody was calling us the hottest team in the playoffs, most dangerous team in the playoffs, and how long have the Chargers been dubbed the "most talented team in the NFL"? Both the Pats and Chargers lost , but lets not pretend that their the same. One had everything going for them in terms of continuity and overall talent and the other..was the Pats. I really just want to stick it to that loser CASPORTSFAN, hope he keeps his word and returns back and takes his beating like a man.