TB criticism

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    Re: TB criticism

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    I get it. We are all frustrated. TB has reason more than any of us. His legacy, his shot at another SB and about $40 million reasons. 

    He said it himself, this is his team, and he has to improve it. Intimidating and embarrassing the rookies is the coaches job, not the QB's. Encouragement, guidance and sense of urgency is the QB's charge. TB, time to step up and lead these guys into the playoffs. The talent is there, up to you to nurture and develop it, not stymie it

    Who knows how many times they practiced the same play, or he told Player A do to whatever only to have the rook botch it in gameplay.  When he stands in the pocket holding the ball with the wolves trying to break through, he's tempting fate each time.  To have everything work properly only to have it blown because some dumbace turns left when he should have turned right is stupid.

    These rookies are still professional football players at the highest level in the world.  Failing to know the play is unacceptable.

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    Re: TB criticism

    Yeah, unusual but i agree with NAS. I like to see Brady so fired up! If it pi$$es the rookies off, oh well get your stuff together! Rather see TB12 be firey than act like J.D. Drew!

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"