TE on the roster?

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    Re: TE on the roster?

    Little light for a TE at 228-230 but if he can put on 15-20 pounds and still keep his 40 time under 4.5 he would be a potential force.  Fell from a starting position at Rutgers after his sophomore year because of the "drops" and I'm not too sure how Tom will warm up to someone with that reputation!

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    Re: TE on the roster?

    I mean stranger things have happened, the kid is tall and made some big plays in college, but it looked like he never ran the type of stuff he would run in our complex offense. He doesn't look all that quick too me either, which makes me wonder how he'd do with an added 15 pounds.

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    Re: TE on the roster?

    I don't see Williams making the team and that better be because we draft a legit TE threat to groom along side Gronk.

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    Re: TE on the roster?

    Yeah not seeing it. The issue is even with joker TE's they still have to occasionally line up on the line and will have to on occasion block on said line. I know Harrison is suppose to be a good blocking WR but blocking in the open field and on the line are two different things entirely. Not to mention reports are that he's having issues grasping the Pats O. Now you don't have to be a rocket scientist to be a TE but if you don't have the years of experience needed to instinctively know when to release and when to pick up blockers then you are going to make mistakes and the QB is going to pay heavily for it. Heck Hern in his first couple years had issues in blocking duties and he had been doing it for much longer than Harrison. Just because he has some size doesn't mean he can move right into the position. If anything I see him more as a large possession type. If he could run basic routes I could see him as a Roy Williams or Reggie Williams type.

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